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Should my two 20 week old female guinea pigs have a different diet when ... Guinea Pigs LOVE spinach! ... It was a main part of my guinea pigs diet and he.

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Pot-Bellied Pig Nutrition ... Your pig’s diet begins with a good quality pig food formulated specifically for potbellied ... Prior to six weeks old.

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Jan 14, 2017 ... Ideally, a guinea pig's diet should consist of Timothy hay, fruits, ... After all, you wouldn't want your guinea pigs to be eating soiled hay off the floor ... Kale; Tomatoes; Celery; Spinach; Kiwis; Parsley; Blueberries ... Sharon Cole on December 30, 2016 at 8:02 am ... I have a 6 mo old that became PREGNANT.

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09.01.2017 · wiki How to Care for Baby Guinea Pigs. ... (minimum of 8 square feet) ... I have 10-week-old baby guinea pigs.

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12.05.2013 · What can I do for my pregnant 8 week old guinea pig? Hi ... zucchini, belgian endive, radicchio, occasional spinach or kale, ... 09:55 pm #8. Dallen.

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Here is a list of Foods essential to a happy & healthy guinea pig… Guinea Pig Food and Diet Guide ... Spinach (Only a little bit ... Breeds of Guinea.

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Guinea Pig Feeding. The Humane ... are marketed as supplements to your guinea pig’s diet, ... guinea pig's food bowl as needed throughout the week if he.

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Your guinea pig’s basic diet is made up of commercial pellets, ... Vital Vittles for Your Guinea Pig. ... (several times a week.

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guinea pig's weight ... week. As they reach adulthood, this weight gain will begin to decline, and eventually stop at somewhere around 12 to 14 months old.

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Feb 10, 2016 ... Vegetables that contain higher levels of oxalic acid (like spinach, mustard greens , and ..... The bunny is only 8-10 weeks old and I don't know what to do! ...... Hi I would like to know, should I get a pet GUINEA PIG or a BUNNY.

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to guinea pigs under six months old ... the rest of the diet should consist of no more than 1/8 cup of good quality ... spinach and herbs such as parsley.

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What do pigs eat? What do pigs eat? Pigs are omnivores. This means they eat all kinds of things. ... Farmers also add salt and vitamins to a pig diet.

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Guinea Golden Years. Posted by Angela, ... Guinea pigs can live long, ... Carefully examine and replace old water bottles that may be broken.

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birds and exotics / Guinea pigs / What should I feed my guinea pig? ... 8 Print. Export to ... If you need to change your guinea pig's diet.

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Guinea Pigs /I just recieved a 6 week old baby guinea pig and need a couple answers desperatly! ... daughter received the cutest 6 week old baby guinea pig.

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need ideas for leafy greens and natural foods. ... give them pellets a few times a week. the vet is ... guinea pigs could eat beetroot leaves i.

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Feeding Guinea Pigs ... Without enough vitamin C in their diets, guinea pigs can become very ill with ... Good choices include kale, spinach, turnip.

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Guinea pig pup at eight hours old. ... the guinea pig's natural diet. ... dream about a giant guinea pig, while guinea pigs feature significantly in.

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Guinea pigs make fantastic pets for children and adults alike as they are very social ... They need daily feeding and fresh hay and cleaning several times a week. ... to their new homes till they are 8 wks old (about 400g bodyweight is a good size). ... lettuce (can cause diarrhoea so don't feed to much of this), parsley, spinach, .

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Guinea Pigs have a lifespan of 5 - 8 years ... so they need a diet rich in this. Guinea Pigs under six ... A few sprigs of parsley or some spinach are.

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01.08.2012 · Can i give my 8 week old rabbit and guinea pig ... day for fresh diet C as guinea pigs are not ... old your guinea pig is but if it.

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Read about the HappyCavy guinea pig diet. Publisher Profile. ... What We Eat Updated: 11/10/2014 ... and Winnie and Rosie were the most recent addition on.

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Feeding your guinea pigs vegetables and fruit as a regular part of their ... Vegetables and Fruit into Your Pets' Diet. ... as long as week to.

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Jun 18, 2016 ... REGGIE Q&A: Single Guinea Pigs & Spinach! ... Lop and I've had the joys of owning her since 2009 when she was just 12 weeks old. ... 8:17. MORNING RABBIT ROUTINE: Summer Edition | RosieBunneh - Duration: 4:59.

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19.07.2009 · What fruit and veg can i feed my rabbit and guinea pig? ... pigs shouldn't really share the same diet as ... 8 week old rabbit and guinea pig.

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soapy water and bleach at least once per week. ... High quality guinea pig diets contain vitamin C, ... old and should not be used.

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Guinea Pig New Owner Guide . 2 ... about two or three times a week, depending on how many guinea pigs ... DIET FRUIT & VEGETABLES Guinea pigs are.