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Adopt a new pet during ‘National Farm Animals Awareness Week’
You can adopt a duck for just $5 or adopt a pig, one-year-old and older, for no fee! Amanda Mullen brought adoptable animals (pigs, ducks and turkeys) to FOX 2 to share more.

PETA People for Ethical Treatment of Animals : Probe of Slaughterhouse Sought After Cows Shot Multiple Times
that animals have the same central nervous system and sense of self-preservation as humans, and that the only way to prevent cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals from suffering in slaughterhouses is to go vegan.

Dozens of animals perish in Fort Ann fire
“But they were all laying down. The smoke was so bad.” Burch said a fire at his farm on Dewey’s Bridge Road in Fort Ann Sunday afternoon killed about 90 pigs and about 30 cows. He said he saw a bale of hay on fire before the blaze spread, burning two.

What if animals hunted us down, asks artist in latest series
artist tries to explore the dynamics of animal-human behaviour in his upcoming exhibition titled Animals.The artist will be displaying 15 artworks featuring different animals including pigs and fox striking human poses and actions. In one his work.

Local pig rescue will shelter barnyard animals in Hurricane Irma's path
An East Tennessee animal rescue is preparing for an influx of animals from people fleeing from Hurricane Irma. The Pig Rescue in Jamestown has offered its 100 acre property to house pigs, horses, cattle, and other barnyard animals belonging to anyone in.

'It's behaviour from the Dark Ages' - Outrage as Trinity experiments on 110,000 animals
Last year alone, it spent more than €310,000 buying nearly 25,000 animals and €10,000 to dispose of them when the research was complete. Animals used in research at the university include rats, mice, pigs and ... but its behaviour towards animals.

Watch: New Drone Footage Reveals That Farm Animals Are Really Raised in Giant Factories—Not on Farms
In such places, everything from the lighting to the ventilation is controlled for a single purpose: maximizing the pigs’ growth. These intelligent, sensitive animals suffer the consequences, forced to live every day crowded on barren concrete in metal pens.

Sisters farm offers sanctuary to rescued farm animals
The goal of the farm is to provide the animals, which include, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, cows and horses -- with a safe and happy environment. And that includes everything from pigs and goats, chickens and ducks to cows and horses. But Bots.

Livestock might soon join ranks of support animals
The list of animals currently prohibited in the city includes chickens, roosters, ducks, geese, pigs, hogs, donkeys, mules, horses, cattle, goats, sheep and oxen.

Infection in pregnant pigs leads to antisocial piglets
The goal in our study was to test this hypothesis in domestic pigs because their brains develop similarly to humans,” says Rodney Johnson, professor of integrative immunology and behavior in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois.