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Scientists Can Make Otherwise Normal Images Unrecognizable To AI - Vocativ
Among other examples, the neural networks mistook a hanging red Christmas sock for an Indian elephant, and a man in a black balaclava for an African Grey parrot . “We show ... This is far from the first attempt to trick computer vision systems. In 2012.

The US parrot that mimics other animals - BBC News
Who's a clever girl then? Einstein the parrot celebrates her 30th birthday by showing off her 300-word vocabulary ... Daily Mail.

Hilarious parrot leaves mum spluttering after mimicking her smoker's cough - The Sun
A PARROT has left a mum of seven spluttering by constantly mimicking her smoker's cough. African grey Alfie, who is kept in Dawn Preston's kitchen, sounds exactly like her. Owner Dawn, 47, smokes 25 cigs a day. SWNS:South West News Service. 2.

Missing bird traced via Facebook - Deccan Chronicle
Coimbatore: A lost ' African Grey Parrot ', which went missing during a 'flight for life' from chasing crows a month ago, was traced through social media in Coimbatore. The bird, named 'Pepper', had lost its way on July 15, when its casual fly ended up.

Parrot Adoption Education Program finds new roost in Forest Lake - Forest Lake Lowdown
festive red and blue macaws; tiny, noisy budgerigars (budgies); African grey parrots and common mourning doves. Some of the birds have a comparable intelligence level to human children, and can easily learn to do tricks and repeat sounds and phrases.

Would A Parrot Be A Reliable Murder Witness? - Forbes
Meanwhile, the man's grieving family believes there was a witness to the crime -- Mr Duram's pet Congo African grey parrot , Bud. ... The video was made after the murder, so the family believes the parrot is repeating Mr Duram's last words in his own voice.

Football loving parrot could be Northern Ireland's biggest and loudest fan - but he's banned from the games
A football loving parrot could well be Northern Ireland's biggest and loudest fan - but he's been banned from all the games. Kelo the African Grey parrot is the ... Ireland fans since they watched his video. "He is a geg," said the mum-of-three.

Why does my parrot scream?
Dear spca – An acquaintance was going to give up his 10 year old African Grey parrot to a local shelter ... teaching him to do easy tricks using positive reinforcement, social contact, ample time out of the cage to encourage physical activity, etc.

80 parrots to welcome guests to Maine sanctuary open house - Bangor Daily News
Some of the parrots dance and perform tricks while other talk and even sing. ... In addition to the Big Parrot Room, the sanctuary consists of a Small Parrot Room, for smaller species of parrots , where two Congo African greys sat side by side on Tuesday.

How Florida zoos are protecting their animals from Hurricane Irma - Business Insider
It isn't just humans who will need to weather the storm when Hurricane Irma makes its landfall in Florida on Sunday. Zoo Miami is keeping its 3,000 animals — from flamingos to cheetahs — largely in place as it prepares for the coming storm. The zoo.

Amazing parrot Einstein able to mimic human sounds and movements - Daily Mail
Amazing parrot Einstein able to mimic human sounds and movements. Einstein the African grey parrot at the Zoo Knoxville is able to mimic human sounds and movements incredibly well. Ketchup methods go head-to-head to... Read More · 0:40min.

Book Reviews: Pirates, Parrots, Prisoners and Protagonists Prove (Predominantly) Pleasing
His name is Aaron. He’s about 500 years old. He speaks Yiddish. Oh, and he’s an African Grey parrot. Unfortunately, due to that last fact and a childhood growing up on Disney movies, the voice in my head was that of Gilbert Gottfried and his parrot.

A Parrot Passes the Marshmallow Test
This African grey parrot has more patience than you. Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images Can your kid pass the “marshmallow test”? And what does it mean ... (Koepke and colleagues produced this video directly comparing Griffin to children.

Woman Allegedly Steals Exotic Bird From Small Business in South Gate Then Gets Into An Uber Car - KTLA
While the employee went to the back to look for something, the woman grabbed the parrot with a towel and ran out of the store, Karen Valadez told KTLA. The woman then got into the back seat of a blue sedan that was waiting outside. Valadez's mother-in.

Video Of A Parrot Interacting With Amazon Alexa
This is a video of an African Grey parrot interacting with an Amazon Alexa device. You know, my buddy has an African Grey, and that thing can replicate phone calls to a tee -- including the sound of the buttons being pressed, the phone ringing, and an.