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15 Ways You Can Be a Better Dog Owner on Maui - MauiTime Weekly
It's also a myth that neutering your male dog will make him “less of a man.” But neutering a male dog will decrease testosterone-related behaviors like aggression , mounting tendencies, roaming and urine-marking. And it's a myth that spaying or ... “One.

Booming online sales mean more dog bites for mail carriers - The Columbian
Dog attacks on mail carriers rise amid online sales boom SFGate.

Dog Behavior: Beware of Simple Names for Complex Problems - The Bark (blog)
During their first appointment, my clients told me that their dog had “severe territorial aggression ,” and that they had been advised to euthanize him. I looked at the wide-eyed and quaking Hound mix hiding under a chair and had a strong suspicion that.

Neighbor Harassed Dog With His Drone - The Bark (blog)
Karen B. London, PhD, is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Certified Professional Dog Trainer who specializes in working with dogs with serious behavioral problems, including aggression . She is the author of five books on canine training and&nbsp.

Ears Held Back - The Bark (blog)
The eyes may be the mirror to the soul, and careful observations of both the mouth and the tail can yield all sorts of information about a dog's intentions and emotional state, but the ears are a different matter altogether. The ears are more.

5 missing after Army helicopter goes down off Hawaii - The Denver Post
Five missing after report of downed Army helicopter off Hawaii KTIC.

Activists rally behind dog tethering regulation - West Hawaii Today
HILO — Local animal rights activists are rallying behind legislation which they say is their last shot this year to bolster Hawaii's dog tethering regulations. Senate Bill 700, under newly proposed amendments, would create a second-degree animal.

Questions surround training of airport police officers following shooting of dog - KHON2
They belong to the private company Securitas, and are hired by the state. Airport police officers are allowed to carry firearms and make arrests. Tuesday night's incident is raising questions on whether these armed airport officers are getting the.

Don't Let Others Spoil Your Dog's Training - The Bark (blog)
No matter how much work you put into training your dog , it often seems like there's an army of folks conspiring against you, determined to derail your efforts. Maybe Uncle Ian loves to roughhouse with your dog , or perhaps your daughter's best friend&nbsp.

In The Shadow of Giants - Surfer Magazine
Over the last few decades, the Canaries have earned a reputation for some of the most aggressive localism on the planet, with pecking orders allegedly as fierce as Pipeline's and some surfers even heaving sticks and stones from the cliffs on.

Clark: 'North Korea is the crisis'
“They want to pursue their atoll building program in an aggressive ... U.S. can have Hawaii. “But certainly not Okinawa, certainly not Korea,” he said. “And not Guam.” “And the way they get us out is, North Korea is the barking dog,” Clark.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits cemeteries and memorial on eve of Pearl Harbor visit
The entourage then stopped off at the Ehime Maru memorial at Kakaako park to pay respects to victims of a collision between a US nuclear submarine and a Japanese training vessel ... officer shot and killed an aggressive dog during a DUI arrest Tuesday.