Akita Dog Training Video


Gorton thug who set Japanese Akita on woman in unprovoked homophobic attack jailed but judge spares dog
decided to suspend the destruction order on the pedigree Akita as video evidence showed to the dog to otherwise be a calm and good natured animal. Dog trainer and behavioural expert, Nicki Platt, from the Northwest branch of BarkBusters dog training fully.

Pictured: Father's horrific injuries after he was attacked by a Japanese Akita dog being walked by a child
Inspector George Bardell, who leads the Bradford East Area Neighbourhood Teams said: 'At around 6pm yesterday, officers attended an address in Pollard Lane, Bradford and executed a warrant to seize a Japanese Akita dog. 'Enquiries are now ongoing to.

Dad saving baby from dog attack has hands ripped to shreds after 50 bites
A ferocious Japanese Akita ... video footage has emerged which has been published by the Teesside Gazette. The dad was walking with his daughter, who was in a pushchair, when the electric gates to a house opened unexpectedly and the dog escaped.

Akita breed often placid but can become ‘turbulent’
The American Kennel Club regards both the Japanese Akita and the American Akita as a single breed. While the Akita is smart and will learn quickly, the dogs need firm training and it is recommended that they be obedience trained.

Pig's DNA test results are in, and this unusual dog's breed is . . .
The short-spined mixed-breed pup has become a world-wide sensation since first being spotted at this year's Do Dah Day festival in May and after being featured in a story on ... Akita," Dillenbeck said. "I was was thinking something like a smaller dog.

Now it is the time of the akita. The akita ... which guarantees its dogs, have received replacements for those with hip dysplasia. The shop not only sells most of the akitas in the city but also offers obedience training and attack courses.

Meet the breed: Akita
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Mum mauled by Akita dog for two hours 'played dead' just to stay alive
Olivia Donnelly, pictured with her youngest son, Tiernan (4), recovers from injuries inflicted by her father’s Akita dog. Photo: Ciara Wilkinson Olivia Donnelly's youngest son, Tiernan (4) is recovering from injuries inflicted by her father’s Akita dog.

Morie Sawataishi: Saviour of Japan's akita Samurai dog
For a type of samurai infantryman in training, an akita dog was his teacher. It never really mattered what the dogs looked like. Their essence or spirit was the quality most sought after. A good akita was quiet and fearless, could approach a cornered bear.

Breed Profile; The Akita
Small dogs or cats may appear as prey. The Akita is best suited for the experienced dog family who will start training the puppy and acclimate this dog to life outside the home before the pup reaches 4 months of age. Introduce the Akita to people.