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On Point
Dog breeder Robert Wehle started Elhew Kennels in 1936, and this breed is his last ... the hunters have bird dogs in their blood, and their lives are greatly enriched by their canine hunting buddies. For more information about Lion Country Supply, visit.

Parrot theft rife in Sydney
The birds include a bright red female eclectus, a male princess parrot and green-cheeked conures. Mr Sheffield said he had a pair of breeding alexandrine parakeets with a potential breeding value of $65,000 stolen in August. Also stolen from his Eastwood.

Keeshond Finds Place on Sunny Coast
“and I became interested in the breed. Right, now I have two bitches I'll match with anyone's pointers in the field on any upland birds” Washington, became a handler after World War II. “My firsts real topper,” he said, “was a black cocker.

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What Your Pet Says About You
Bird ... dog's breed that truly speaks volumes about what kind of owner you are." Here's what Forbes thinks of you based on the breed of your pup: Beagle owners are inquisitive, willing to learn new things, willful, loyal and stubborn. If you own a Cocker.

The unlikely romance that produced a litter of 'Wotties': Tiny West Highland Terrier somehow mates with female Rottweiler twice his size
West Highland terrier Joey has cross-bred with a female Rottweiler ... breed, it is not uncommon for other breeds of dogs to mate and create attractive and fashionable crosses. The Poodle is a particularly popular dog to cross breed. Cockapoos, mixed with.

Gun Dog Breeders: English Springer Spaniel Facts
The Anglo version of Espagnol led to the word “Spaniel.” The Romans spread the breed throughout Europe. Here are six other interesting English springer spaniel facts. 1. The Mayflower John Goodman (not the actor) brought the first English springer.

Counting Crows: Birds on a Wire
Recording studios are breeding grounds for despair," explains Burnett ... And so a concerned Duritz immediately calls back to the States and gets confirmation of the tragic facts. A few hours later, Duritz–a chronic insomniac who says he hasn't.

Australia: Endangered Parrot Threatened by Greedy Tiny Marsupials That Feast on Sleeping Baby Birds
As a result, population of a critically endangered swift parrot are quickly dropping. Swift parrots visit Tasmania once a year to breed, and it's here that the sugar gliders do the most damage. According to Dejan Stojanovic, a researcher at Australian.

Schukov: Dogs are facilitators of neighbourly street chat
What kind of breed is she ... cross between a dog and a parrot? She: (Looking at me like I should stop talking.) Oh she’s soooooo beautiful. (Yes, we got that already.) Owner: (Not getting my joke. No one ever does.) No, a Cocker Spaniel and a poodle.

Selective Breeding Problems
In the same way that inbreeding among human populations can increase the frequency of normally rare genes that cause diseases, the selective breeding that created the ... form of kidney disease affects English Cocker Spaniels, while Dalmatians are prone.