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Big Ag’s big lie: Factory farms, your health and the new politics of antibiotics
Recent guests of honor include the cat Lord Tubbington from ... infused feces and fertilizer. Superbugs can also leave farms through the soil, air and water, threatening everybody, irrespective of their diet. In recent years, a series of pathogenic.

Is this how Britain can banish the bottle scourge? Changing your unused plastics for cash could help clean up our ... - Daily Mail
Cans carry a 6 cent deposit and bottles 25 cents in Sweden. Recycling is at around 85 per cent. In Norway it is 96 per cent. There are also schemes in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hun- gary, Lithuania, Israel, and Australia.

Coca-Cola to DOUBLE the amount of recycled plastic in its bottles as it throws its support behind a new deposit and ... - Daily Mail
Coca-cola Company (the) - KO - Stock Price Today - Zacks Zacks Investment Research.

Letter of the Day: Garbage plan a hit on the pocketbook - Saskatoon StarPhoenix
One way to cut down on some of the volume of recycling and waste is to put a stop to the postal service delivering hundreds of pounds of unwanted paper advertising every week. Will the city be providing padlocks for the bins, as anyone can add to your&nbsp.

Who makes Trader Joe's food? Inside the secretive (and very profitable) relationship between the hipster discount ... - Daily Mail
For years California-based grocery store Trader Joe's has developed a loyal relationship with its customers for providing high-quality, discounted goods. But the privately-held chain's popularity may stem from the fact that big name brands are.

Plastic bottle betrayal: Ministers signal they are against deposits despite evidence plan would slash litter and ... - Daily Mail
A Government insider said it was unlikely to get the go-ahead despite evidence it could slash litter and boost recycling . Under the scheme a 10p or 20p surcharge would be levied on bottles and cans . Customers get their money back if they return the.

Shops urged to offer free water to cut plastic bottles: Six in ten say they would be more likely to reuse one if tap ... - Daily Mail
Plastic bottle recycling efforts in the UK have stalled with the result an astonishing 15million are currently being thrown away every day in Britain. The bottles, along with cans , coffee cups, chewing gum, cigarette packs and other litter are scarring.

Let the Christmas clear-out commence! Mountains of rubbish are dumped at recycling points and car parks leaving bins ... - Daily Mail
Mountains of rubbish are dumped at recycling points and car parks leaving bins overflowing with bottles and rotting food ... They pile up their waste at recycling points and car parks, despite signs clearly warning them not to leave it if the bins are.

Ann Widdecombe: Life on the farm not quite how it seemed -
The food diary was kept at the height of the Brexit campaign when I was eating on the hoof. They knew that too. Then every single loss of temper, yawn or shiver was put down to sugar withdrawal. That living with six complete strangers, working like.

15 Creative Re-Uses for Cardboard -
Recycling is not a perfect science by any means. And when items of two types end up combined in the same recycling process (say, spray can bottles and soda cans ), toxic chemicals can spread where we don't want them to. Recycling can also be&nbsp.

From the 'leaping bunny' to the 'green dot': Do YOU know what the symbols on your everyday household goods really ... - Daily Mail
The symbols 'alu' inside two circular arrows means a product is made up of recyclable aluminium. Relatively self-explanatory, it can be found on items such as foil. While foil can be recycled, if it has been used and has food on it, it is recommended.

Poison, beer and the hair of the dog
Not only has the spring been sufficiently wet and warm to make them very happy, but in addition, these pestilent creatures seem to have broadened their diet. Reports are filtering ... warm water in a rinsed-out pet-food can, then bury the can up to its.

An idea that's a dog's dinner! Company creates vending machine that feeds stray animals in return for people ... - Daily Mail
Company creates vending machine that feeds stray animals in return for people recycling bottles. Feral-friendly ... Meet Pugedon - the vending machine where you put the drinks bottles in, and out comes a portion of food for Istanbul's stray dogs and.