Australian Parrot Breeding In Pakistan 10


Xinhua Asia-Pacific news summary at 0600 GMT, Oct. 18
No drone strikes have taken place in Kurram Agency in northwestern Pakistan, the army's media ... to help save the critically-endangered swift parrot from extinction on the island state of Tasmania, Australian researchers have turned to crowdfunding.

Oldest known orange-bellied parrot makes welcome return to Tasmanian breeding ground
The nine-year-old bird was hatched and raised in southern Tasmania, and has crossed Bass Strait about 20 times. Each summer, the species migrates from the Victorian and South Australian coast to Melaleuca in south-west Tasmania to breed. Last year's.

Tasmanian shy albatross embrace artificial nests in bid to boost population
“Although it is still very early days it’s encouraging to see some birds starting to utilise the artificial nests.” The shy albatross is listed as “vulnerable” by the Australian ... 10 October 2017. The original version said the number of.

Swift parrot 'massacre' looming as campaign starts to fund predator-proof nest boxes
The tiny parrot species has been breeding on Tasmania's Bruny Island, which is free of sugar gliders, but Dr Dejan Stojanovic from the Australian National University (ANU) said large numbers had just moved to the state's east coast. Dr Stojanovic said.

DNA tests on albatross excrement reveal secret diet of top predator
DNA analysis of 1460 scats from breeding sites around the Southern Ocean has shown ... that might be retained in the birds' stomachs for days or weeks. Ms McInnes said the study showed the value of new DNA metabarcoding technology in the study of seabird.

Massacre fears spark race to save rare Australia parrot
Swift Parrots usually arrive from the Australian mainland in August before flying back north in February and March after the breeding season, according to the Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service. There are no recent estimates of their population.

No Great Indian Bustard sighted in Maharashtra during WII survey
Found mostly in India and some regions of Pakistan ... to save the birds. Unless farmers in GIB bearing areas are rewarded, they won't come forward to save the birds. Rao said, a decade ago, at least 35-40 GIBs were recorded in 10 sqkm area in Nananj.

Huge 'Tree Lobster' Not Extinct After All
A large stick insect from a remote Australian island is back from the dead ... along with 12 other insect species and five bird species. Then, in 1960, a group of rock climbers visited another small volcanic rock island nearby, named Ball's Pyramid.

Sexy yellow frogs and hot red snow
Bell and two Australian colleagues now think these ... amphibian orgies tend to change color during the breeding season to possibly differentiate themselves from females (J. Evol. Biol.2017, DOI: 10.1111/jeb.13170). These bright colors may serve as a.