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Who is Buster the Boxer? - BBC News
39;No pressure John Lewis, but you've got to save 2016': Delighted fans laugh - and cry - along with the store's ... Daily Mail.

World's tallest dog Zeus - in pictures - The Guardian
Owner Kevin Doorlag pats Zeus, then aged two, as he and his wife, Denise (R), listen to Julie Wojtaszek, a dog trainer from Bark Busters Home Dog Training at their home in Otsego, Michigan. Photograph: Jonathon Gruenke/AP. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

'Our new family member': Cheryl, 33, shares cute snap of boyfriend Liam Payne, 22, cuddling up to miniature pet pooch - Daily Mail
The pop princess has been treating her fans to plenty of pictures of their furry friends of late, including giving Buster the Snapchat treatment with a floral crown filter. Earlier this month, old footage from one of Cheryl and Liam's first encounters.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell's 'top dog' Buster passes away - Romford Recorder
From making friends with traders in Romford Market and dressing up for family fun days, to helping his owner campaign for changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act and a clampdown on “irresponsible” dog owners, Buster has been there every step of the way.

Dog detectives: On patrol with the emergency services' four-legged recruits - BBC News
What will a dog do to get hold of its favourite toy? Chase a criminal? Sniff out drugs or firearms? Rescue someone trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building? For the hundreds of dogs employed by the emergency services in the UK , the simple reward.

Sherlock bones: Meet the mystery-solving three-legged dog who has helped track down the remains of 200 people ... - Daily Mail
As a reward, Dostie tosses Buster a blue rubber toy he's been holding behind his back while the dog searches. 'Good boy,' he says. To the untrained eye, it might seem that Buster is simply barking for that toy. But this routine has helped unearth the.

How does a dog-friendly office actually work? - CIPD (blog)
The entire location became fully dog -friendly in early 2015, and has adopted Purina's 12-year-old pets at work policy (aptly abbreviated to PAW). With dog -friendliness highlighted again by the recent UK -wide Bring Your Dog to Work Day, Paul Steadman&nbsp.

You don't have to be barking to work here . . .
LORNA Mackay launched the Glasgow branch of the dog training franchise Bark Busters in 2001. Bark Busters was a totally new direction for Mackay, who had previously worked for Scottish Enterprise as a business development consultant, dealing with small.

Saint Bernard can't keep paws off owner's drawers as she loves to steal bras and knickers and drag them into the garden - The Sun
quot; Dog trainers tell you you're not supposed to chase after them but it's hard to ignore her when she's got your designer bra in her mouth, charging around the garden. "We've tried all the different methods but nothing has worked so I've just resigned.

Owner bites back over £2800 bill for her 'insane' dog -
Miss Egan worked exclusively with Izzy at a cost of £200 a day, teaching the dog basic commands, house- training and to stop any “nipping, jumping, chewing and barking ”. But three months ... Miss King, who lives in a third-floor flat in St John's Wood.

Crazy law that could turn every dog owner into a criminal: ROY HATTERSLEY on how 31-page 'manual' threatening ... - Daily Mail
Under the law, which came into force this week, dog owners who simply let their animals growl at strangers or bark in gardens could be ordered to control their pets or face fines of up to £2,500. What's more, Whitehall ... As readers with long memories.

My pet my hero! - Belfast Telegraph
“I got Buster six years ago. He belonged to a friend of mine who had a few dogs . The other dogs bullied him, so my friend had to re-home Buster . I took him when he was six months old. Just before Christmas three years ago, I had lit a fire in the grate.

The incredible dogs that are being trained to detect cancer -
Molly is among 55 or so medical alert assistance dogs in the UK , most of which are trained to smell the changes in breath that occur as a result of type 1 diabetes. Molly is saving Steven's life every day. When she becomes agitated – barking , jumping.