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Cool Canberra Cats: everyone's a winner - The RiotACT
Long before the internet, the best way to find a pedigree kitten or cat was to go to a cat show, walk around and see who had signs saying “ Kittens Available”, or finding a gorgeous cat , asking if the owner was planning to breed , and placing an.

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Breed: Mastiff/Mix. Age: 5 years 2 months. Gender: Male. Name: "Wilma." Breed: Vizsla, Smooth Haired/Terrier. Age: 1 year 4 months. Gender: Female. Name: "Zeus." Breed: Miniature Pinscher/Mix. Age: 3 years. Gender: Male. Here are some of the cats currently.

Morbidity pattern by age, sex and breed in insured cats in Japan (2008-2013).
METHODS: The annual incidence rates of having at least one insurance claim were calculated overall and stratified by diagnosis, age, sex and breed using data from ... Norwegian Forest Cat, Ragdoll and Bengal had a higher annual incidence rate than crossbreeds.

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Our George is 11 weeks old . And although he has only been in the family for 10 days, he has made himself very much at home. He enjoys having our 2-year- old Tibetan terrier, Finn, as a playmate. George acts as though he is the same size as Finn, but.

Pet of the Day: Wilhelmina, the bengal cat
My partner says she's never seen a cat like Willa and knows that we have a bond that's very strong. She doesn't judge me when Willa and I run around the house chasing each other or play hide and seek. Owning a bengal ... about their breed, age, personality.

Bengal cat used as 'breeding machine' in 'appalling conditions' looking for new home - Get Surrey
The RSPCA is looking for new owners for a Bengal cat who was saved from a home which was breeding 64 cats in appalling conditions. Trixie, an 11-year- old feline, was taken in by the RSPCA after a prosecution case where the Oxfordshire owner bred cats&nbsp.

INGOs plan Bengal tiger census in Nepal
Various international non-government organisations are making plans to carry out a census of Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris ... social organisations, age-structure, survival rate, extent for breeding etc, according to a recent outline document for tiger.

Breeding in captivity or celibacy? - Times of India
Even a research in 1987 by a group of US wildlife experts on behavioural profile of captive Bengal female tigers during the breeding season showed that the tigresses were vocalizing (calling or moaning), prustening (a greeting call that sounds like air.

Award-winning cat breeder is banned from keeping animals at her home for three years after the RSPCA found up to ... - Daily Mail
The 56-year- old began breeding Bengal cats after becoming an owner in 2002 and soon had up to 70 in her possession. She won numerous awards and her most famed cat, named Mr Marbles, was named best Bengal in the world in 2012 by the&nbsp.

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You Paid How Much for Your Pet? 13 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World - The Cheat Sheet
This cat breed was developed by Ann Baker in Riverside, California, during the early 1960s. The breed was given this name because they usually go limp like a ragdoll when they are cuddled. The ragdoll is one of the largest cat breeds. Adult males can&nbsp.

Cat show features all sorts, from fancy felines to just cute kitties - Toledo Blade
The show attracted cat owners from a wide area, including Bengal breeder Brianna Hennessy of Ottawa, Ont., whose cat Zeus considered his third-place best-of- breed ribbon from one of the judges just another plaything. “You can hear the ... “I tell.

How much is the kitty in the window? $22,000
Although the Ashera may be the most expensive mixed-breed offering to hit the market recently, it's certainly not the only one. Other popular hybrids include the Bengal ... "most of our kittens are spoken for by about two weeks of age," she said.