Best Bird Dog Training Books


Wolters' Gun Dog: A Great Place to Start for New Bird Dog Puppy Owners
“Do I have any tips for starting off on the right foot in a pup’s training process?” Yes, yes I do. Although it was first published in 1961, it’s my opinion Richard Wolters’ book Gun Dog remains the gold standard for beginning bird dog owner.

Landers: Bird dog training for next season starts now
The Spokane Bird Dog Association will hold its annual ... “There usually aren’t any quick fixes in dog training.” Washington’s upland bird hunting seasons ended Monday. The best time to start planning dog training for the 2016-17 seasons is now.

The best arrangement is to let a bird dog lead you ... and even though he does not keep books on this ("It's my hobby, for crying out loud -- I work with books all day!"), Dispenza has a pretty good handle on this aspect of dog-ownership.

Any bird hunter can train dogs to be reliable in the field
While most of Adams' bird dogs have been bred from top bird-hunting lineage, any dog owner can train his or her best friend to be reliable in the ... Adams says that owners should start training their dogs at about 6 to 7 months old. Before then, the.

Ray Sasser: Old-timers share love of good bird dogs
Not just bird dogs — good bird dogs, canine Geiger counters that sift the often dusty air for the subtle aroma of America’s finest game bird. The upcoming quail season, by all accounts, will be the best in ... written two books on training bird dogs.

Spaniels in training seek to earn their due as bird dogs
It's that, on this particular sunny fall morning, they are in training to become ... On Saturday morning the first dog to be worked is Briar, a 5-month-old English cocker so focused and determined she shudders. Oliver moves the bird quickly in circles.

Bird dog trainer follows father's footsteps into Field Trial Hall of Fame
A few days before quail hunting season started last week, Collier Smith defied the unusually warm autumn morning by demonstrating the skill he has honed through 45 years as a professional bird ... dogs. In the 1999 book "Expert Advice on Gun Dog Training.

North Syracuse man talks about training his hunting dogs himself
Veteran bird hunter Kersten ... of advice for those training their dogs to hunt — "Don’t get mad at your dog." "It’s not the dog’s fault it’s not doing what it’s supposed to be doing — it’s your fault," the North Syracuse resident said.

Judge wrote the book on bird dogs
A great dog will make a star - and a slave - out of an owner or trainer." U.S. District Judge Lee West should know. He has been training ... the book is primarily about West's legal career, three chapters are devoted exclusively to his bird dogs.

Start right to build the best bird dog
Meeteetse dog trainer Bo Allen knows what it takes to help a floppy, excited puppy become a well-trained pointer and retriever, a hunter’s best friend in the field and at home. He’s been training dogs ... number one rule in bird introductions, is.