British dog breeding documentary channel


CBC says it's taking risks and experimenting with new TV lineup
Other new shows include the comedy "Little Dog," about a lightweight Newfoundland boxer who ... He did say he plans to do a documentary series for the CBC about issues he cares about and will still be involved in programming "from time to time.

The middle-class past of Britain's most shameless mother: How £50k benefits scrounger who is expecting her 13th ... - Daily Mail
The middle-class past of Britain's most shameless mother: How £50k benefits scrounger who is expecting her 13th child was born into a military family, tied the knot at an Archbishop's Palace and now breeds pedigree dogs at her council estate home.

'The private Diana' revealed in new Royal documentary - euronews
Britain's Prince William and Harry have spoken of their regret over the last conversation they had with their mother Princess Diana before she died, saying the telephone call was “desperately rushed”. In a documentary called “Diana, Our Mother: Her.

Jumpin' Jack Russell: Hilarious video shows excitable pooch completely ignore his owner and go 'totally crazy ... - Daily Mail
Hilarious video shows excited dog "loving life" as he ignores owner's instructions and goes "crazy" at Crufts

10 Puppies And Us leaves viewers furious at 'clueless owners' who cage their dogs -
Tonight's episode focused on four puppies, including golden retriever Lola, a chihuahua called Chloe and another rascal of a dog called Pedro. Lola was brought into a family of four, and was seen throwing up in the back of a car, as she was taken on.

'They aren't treated any better than battery hens': Documentary reveals full scale of cruelty inflicted on dogs at ... - Daily Mail
A new documentary has exposed the horrific way dogs are being treated at puppy farms to meet the rising demand for 'must have' breeds as pets. Bitches are treated worse than ... Speaking to Grace Victory for a BBC Three documentary , the customs officer.

Gloucestershire animal expert wins at Animal Hero Awards - ITV News
It is often said that Britain is a nation of animal lovers - and despite all the cruelty and neglect we see - we wholeheartedly agree. We are really proud to be a part ... Hero animal of the year – PD Finn: a police dog who nearly died after he was.

Leading vet calls for pugs and bulldogs ban because the pedigree dogs often struggle to breathe
‘No breed should be banned.’ The pug and bulldog are iconic British dogs, which are popular across the country as well as championed by celebrities. Model-turned-actress Kelly Brook is frequently spotted cuddling her pet pug, Rocky and TV presenter.

Time for the doggy Oscars! Which perfect pooch will win Best In Show at Crufts 2017? -
Dog biscuit seller Charles Cruft, who founded the show 126 years ago, could never have known his event Crufts would become such a huge success. Over four days at the NEC in Birmingham, canines compete in categories such as agility and obedience.

Do you know your Pumi from your Sloughi? Meet the three new dog breeds that will compete at the Westminster show ... - Daily Mail
New Westminster breeds for 2017 announced: 3 dogs, and one cat amNY.

Qantas cabin crew reveal the secrets of a long haul flight in new documentary -
The Secret Life Of The Long Haul Flight, a British documentary that airs in the UK on Friday, goes behind the scenes of a Qantas trip from London to Sydney — including a peek at the secret sleeping compartment below the passenger deck. ... Image.

Trust Me, I'm a Vet review – plenty of stats and science, but no shaggy dog stories - The Guardian
Even so, TMIAV is more objective and balanced than, say, Channel 4's The Supervet, which is basically just an opportunity for one vet, Dr Noel Fitzpatrick, to show off how super he is, saving the lives of animals and making the lives of their owners so.

Introducing Scruffts: the alternative dog show - Radio Times
So how did a dog that was so abused and unwell make it into the final of Britain's biggest dog show? Fleur will be shown off to judges in the main arena at Crufts , surrounded by glossy, purebred pooches. Except that she's actually competing in an.