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Sen. Chandler Pushes Bill To Protect Dogs In Kennels, Daycares -
WORCESTER, MA β€”After Sen. Harriette Chandler learned of an incident in 2015 where a four-month old named Bella died in the care of Collinswood K9 Services in Auburn, she became more highly aware of the legislature protecting those who entrust their.

Report: fraudsters fetching big bucks in puppy swindle - SFGate
When Nancy Farquharson's corgi died three years ago, she first looked to shelters to find a new pet . But the more she searched the more she longed for her beloved dog , Butterscotch, or at least one that resembled her. Her hunt for a replacement corgi.

Free Year Of Community College, And Other New California Laws
California will offer free community ... Among the other new laws Brown signed: All cats, dogs and rabbits for sale at pet stores must be rescue animals, rather than from breeding facilities, starting in 2019. The measure still allows private breeders.

DIY Biohackers Are Editing Genes in Garages and Kitchens
This year, over 100 members of the biohacking community met in Oakland, California to discuss a wide ... so they're like dogs are drugs," states David Ishee, a Mississippi canine breeder who is working on editing out genetic diseases in dogs.

Makati to launch free microchips for pet dogs, cats -
This won't be a problem anymore for owners of dogs and cats in Makati as the city government is set to plant identification microchips for free to at least 32,000 canine and feline friends in October. Makati City Hall said ... These free-of-charge.

Delaware Governor Signs Dog Breed Bias Bill - The Bark (blog)
The problem with breed specific laws is that half the time, you can't really tell a breed by just looking at them. If bullys are outlawed, next will be the rotties, then the German Shepherd Dog , then the Dobbie, followed by the Akitta. There are many.

Animal Cruelty Law Has Governor's Signature, Dog's Paw Print - U.S. News & World Report
Tom Wolf and even a paw print by Libre, a Boston terrier puppy who was emaciated and diseased when he was rescued last year by a delivery truck driver from an animal breeder in Lancaster County, Wednesday, June 28, 2017 in Harrisburg, Pa.

Bill Would Require Pet Stores to Sell Rescue Animals - U.S. News & World Report
Bill Text - SB-54 Law enforcement: sharing data. California Legislative Information - State of California.

How Trump's USDA Could Hurt Puppies - Mother Jones
USDA abruptly purges animal welfare information from its website Washington Post.

Humane Society Announces the 'Horrible 100' List of Worst Puppy Mill Offenders in the US -
We've all walked by the window of a pet store, filled with adorable furball puppies, and thought to ourselves, β€œAww, how sweet!” There's even a classic children's song about this once beloved scenario, β€œ(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?”.

Breeders shocked Lakeville man would shoot 'loving, non-aggressive' golden retriever - The Patriot Ledger
Breeders shocked Lakeville man would shoot 'loving, non-aggressive' golden retriever ... LAKEVILLE – It's the last breed Allyson MacKenna would have guessed if you told her a man who claimed he was in fear shot and killed a dog . ... Rob Halpin, a.