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I was drugged, forced to sing, and accused of murder in one night on an Ark roleplaying server - PC Gamer
Joeskie and Evie then took me back to Twin Cove to show me the rest of the facilities that include a jousting arena, breeding hall, the bar where we did karaoke, and even a battle arena. The arena is particularly impressive, with stone pillars and.

A wonderful bird is the pelican - The Maitland Mercury
Breeding occurs in colonies on islands and secluded shores and after a good rainy season, on inland lakes. The courtship ritual is led by the female pelican who leads potential mates around the colony. The males display themselves by swinging their.

Omaha zoo announces details of new $20 million Asian Highlands exhibit - Omaha World-Herald
Red pandas, situated off to the right, will be among their first sights . A winding path will ... The exhibit also calls for a children's forest trail and areas for zookeepers to train tigers, sloth bears, snow leopards, takins and gorals in front of.

How Are PMPs Treating Rodents? - PCT Magazine
Spencer Bachman, who has created a specialty services team for handling rodent and wildlife control at Spencer Pest Services in Greenville, S.C. “You need to set expectations with your customers up front so they understand and prepare for either.

From a privileged perch - a glimpse at the private lives of eagles: Matthew Olshan -
The number of breeding pairs has risen steadily over the decades. Now there are hundreds of nesting pairs in Pennsylvania, spread across most of the counties in the state. This is great news for eagle lovers, but not so great for other rare bird.

The pH factor - Nursery Management
test the water at all. There's often an assumption that you can put any water on there and it's going to be fine. And unfortunately, sometimes they find out down the road after problems are already occurring, that they may have wanted to test the.

Herons, cranes and osprey: Bird watching options to peak soon - Livingston Daily
quot;Females will be there more and more as each day gets warmer, and soon you'll see them start to pair up and you can watch the males court the females by taking a branch in his mouth and waggling it in front of her to show her he is good at building and.

Now THAT'S a bird's-eye-view: GoPro strapped to an eagle's back produces stunning footage of its flight over the ... - Daily Mail
But now, thanks to modern technology, we've come a step closer to truly experiencing the wonder of an eagle's flight, first-hand. That's thanks to incredible footage which was recorded using a GoPro camera to capture a bird's -eye view over Europe.

Re-purposed bank buildings offer business owners unique challenges, opportunities - Central Penn Business Journal
The bank building, beside Boiling Springs' Children's Lake, is now Hanson's home and site of her private photography studio. Little remains of the bank, which operated from about 1920 to 1938, aside from the remnants of two vaults and a sign above the.

Changing weather patterns are affecting some Florida birds
the sight of spoonbills in Florida Bay may be doomed. On a blustery morning in Florida Bay earlier this week, two adults and four chicks in training also demonstrated the birds’ tenacity. As winds whipped the bay in advance of a late-season cold front.

Climate change driving away Florida Bay's iconic spoonbills - Naples Daily News
Lorenz considers the spoonbills Florida's most telling canary in a coal mine, and the song they're singing is pretty telling: changing water patterns linked to Everglades flood control compounded by rising sea levels are driving the birds away. It's.

Rare cranes at Willow Park Zoo are parents for first time
so she covered the front of the enclosure with a black tarp to give the mating pair some privacy. She also provided the birds with hay and hay bales so they could build a nest out of sight of the general public. The birds don’t have a specific breeding.

Exotic Fish are Poised to Infiltrate the Great Lakes. What's at Stake? And What Can Be Done to Stop Them? - Cleveland Scene Weekly
The label on the boxes from Malaysia told the handlers that this was not just another toxic chemical compound whipped up in a lab. It read: ... Not long after they had cracked the breeding problem, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission agreed to send.

The farmer who grows bird seed! Noticing a decline in birdlife on his land, Nicholas Watts decided to grow food for ... - Daily Mail
Now, more than 100 acres at Vine House Farm are given over to sunflowers, a truly bewitching sight in August when they're in full, brilliant yellow bloom. A further 300 acres produce other food for birds: canary seed, red and white millet, naked oats.

Our addiction to meat may be killing us -
Breeding animals for meat gobbles up 70% of all agricultural land and a third of the world's fresh water, according to Wild Aid. Beef in particular requires the most land, at 30sq m to produce one kilo while chicken and pork require about 20sq m. In.