Canary Nesting Behavior Of Parrots


66 Million Years Ago, Bird-Like Dinosaurs Laid Blue-Green Eggs
and were long thought to have originated in bird lineages. This new finding, however, implies that egg coloration appeared earlier in the dinosaur family tree, and might have emerged alongside nesting behavior that left eggs partially exposed in nest.

Bolivian endangered parrots helped by nestboxes
Both of its parents were themselves hatched in a nest box seven years ago, and the pair have now returned to raise their own offspring in the same boxes. Macaws are intelligent birds and much of their behavior is learned from their parents. We are.

Leave the Armadillos Alone: They're the Only Animals That Can Give You Leprosy - Discover Magazine (blog)
What's the News: Please back away from the armadillo, ma'am. You can watch them from a distance, even take pictures, but don't play with or eat Texas's state mammal: scientists have just confirmed that it is a source of leprosy infections in humans.

Signs of Intelligent Life - Utne Reader Online
Despite all we've learned about brain science and animal behavior , some still say that we have no way of knowing whether other animals have mental experiences at all. Mowe: So you believe .... But some animals can navigate for thousands of miles.

International team maps 'big bang' of bird evolution - Phys.Org
learning may have independently evolved in a few bird groups and in the human brain's speech regions; how the sex chromosomes of birds came to be; how birds lost their teeth; how crocodile genomes evolved; ways in which singing behavior regulates.

Cheryl Kimball's Nature Talks: The miracle of monarch butterfly metamorphosis
She feels he croaks only on exceptionally hot, humid days, which made her wonder if that is normal behavior ... of birds for sixth favorite, and the GBH... Stacey Cole's Nature Talks: Finding nests by the side of the road I saw three small birds nesting.

Mockingbird to Annoying Human: "Hey, I Know You" - Discover Magazine (blog)
That's one lesson that can be taken from a new study which proved that mockingbirds can recognize individual people, and attack those who have bothered their nests in the past. While ornithologists knew that certain highly intelligent birds like.

A-listers team up for Trump-era 'I Will Survive' video - The Hill (blog)
A bevy of Oscars front-runners — including Emma Stone, Matthew McConaughey, Natalie Portman, Taraji P. Henson, Amy Adams and Chris Pine — has a message ahead of next week's inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump Donald John&nbsp.

GUEST COLUMN: Strange nuthatch behavior
One of the white-breasted nuthatch’s stranger habits is called “bill sweeping.” Either of the pair, sometimes both, will sweep its beak back and forth around the nest, particularly around the entrance hole. The bird will often have a crushed insect.

More than meets the eye with the crow, a bird brainiac
They'll guard the nest or help feed the young, among other tasks. "There's only a handful of other bird species in North America that exhibit similar behavior," said McGowan, adding that crows have adapted well to human society, moving in vast numbers from.

New study counters health arguments against e-cigarettes - Oklahoma Watchdog
Think " canary in a coal mine". If, after 2 solid years of heavy vapor exposure, my parrot accumulated zero nicotine, benzene, formaldehyde, CO or any of the hundreds of other chemicals present in tobacco smoke, your kid isn't going to be harmed by.

The Big Question – Canary or Finch? - Island Conservation News
Hidden in the rainforests of São Tomé Island, Gulf of Guinea, West Africa a brown and grey bird with a large, parrot -like beak forages for fruit. The bird in question, a São Tomé Grosbeak (Crithagra concolor), is the largest canary on earth but until.

Small, Sneaky Squid Produce Big Sperm - Discover Magazine (blog)
Now, researchers in Tokyo have learned that this difference in mating behavior has resulted in the evolution of divergent sperm types, though perhaps not in the way you'd think: diminutive male squid actually produce larger sperm than big male squid.