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State opioid addiction agencies can't find enough personnel - The Boston Globe
Addiction treatment agencies in Massachusetts are struggling to hire and train enough people to care for their patients. These providers also are having ... “It's not for lack of attention or lack of effort on the part of the commonwealth,” said Vic.

How do dogs' genes affect their behavior? Your pet could help scientists find out. - Washington Post
Studies like this that examine how DNA affects dogs' behavior and thinking could, in theory, shed light on why some breeds have better memories than others, what genes make Labs so good at retrieving, or even what drives some dogs to bark at the UPS.

Delayed weaning reduces behavioural problems in cats - Science Daily
The study used the results from the health and behaviour survey Professor Lohi's group had previously conducted on nearly 6,000 cats , currently the most extensive cat behaviour database in the world. According to the survey, many behavioural problems.

Elliot, So. NH Health explore forming regional health system - The Union Leader
Elliot Health System and Southern NH Health sign letter of intent to explore forming regional healthcare system Manchester Ink Link (press release) (blog.

The ethics of enrichment
There is convincing evidence of the benefits people receive from the human-animal bond, including psychological (reduced anxiety and depression), social (enhanced empathy and self-esteem) and health-related ... about dog and cat behavioral needs, including.

Congenica, PerkinElmer, Illumina, And More: News From September 2017 - Bio-IT World
“WGS is another great opportunity for families to identify and prepare for important health concerns, positioning themselves to benefit from the fast moving area of personalized medicine,” said Morey Kraus, chief scientific officer, ViaCord, in a press.

The Genetics of Pooched-Out Pooches - New York Times
“We kind of use food as love sometimes, which can really harm pets,” says Deborah Linder, a veterinarian who heads the Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals in Massachusetts . Authors of a small 1998 study of 120 dogs, published in The Journal of Nutrition,&nbsp.

'Cat on lead' trend is causing pets distress, RSPCA warns
Capitalising on the trend, well known pet brands have released their own line of cat walking products, with specialists ... health. “Many indoor cats simply don’t receive enough stimulation and they may suffer from obesity or boredom-related behavioral.

5 takeaways from health cost trends hearings
At an interesting moment at one of the first day’s panels, Massachusetts ... appropriate behavior. There are really very few policy tools to use to encourage more social determinant investments and activity. Accordingly, public health advocates.

Psychology of hate: Why people join hate groups - Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch
Cries of “Nazis, go home!” and “Shame! Shame!” filled the air as Angela King and Tony McAleer stood with other counterprotesters at the “free speech” rally in Boston last weekend. They didn't join the shouting. Their sign spoke for them: “There is life.

10 Expert-Approved Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day - HuffPost
“So often we think of ourselves as passive recipients of actions upon us,” Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, told HuffPost. “If you can see yourself in a more proactive.

African leopards revealed: Study documents minute-to-minute behavior of elusive cats - Science Daily
quot;This is the first time we've had really detailed energetic data from a wild terrestrial mammal over an extended period," said Wilmers, lead author of a new paper, "Energetics-informed Behavioral States Reveal the Drive to Kill in African Leopards.

Hoarding's Toll: Port Orange case shines light on mental illness effects - Daytona Beach News-Journal
In retrospect, the animal hoarding case Port Orange officials stumbled upon that January day resulted in more than the horrifying discovery of scores of sickened cats , dozens of dead ones in varying states of decomposition and one small dog. It.

Voices in AI – Episode 11: A Conversation with Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro - WebWorkerDaily
In Massachusetts , there used to be many toll collectors. ... But now when people like these toll collectors are being laid off, they don't have enough time to retrain themselves to become, let's say computer programmers or doctors . .... So recently I.

Mass. Behavioral Health Facility Faces $207K in Fines for OSHA Violations - Insurance Journal
A Massachusetts behavioral health facility faces $207,690 in proposed penalties from the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for violations found while conducting a follow-up inspection. On June 29, 2017,&nbsp.