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Digging Through the Archives of 'PURRRRR!,' the Premier Cat Newsletter of the 1980s - Atlas Obscura
The Newsletter for Cat Lovers, an eight-page, cat -themed booklet that she produced six times per year , all from her Boston-area apartment. ... “Neither are breeder advertisements or feature articles on the special breeding problems of the Rex or Himalayan.

Trap-Neuter-Release program asks Alton businesses to report feral cats - Alton Telegraph
ALTON — The new, Trap-Neuter-Release program in Alton has sterilized, vaccinated and released 65 cats in six outings since July 25, but it still seeks Downtown businesses to report feral felines. “Early into the program, we had ... Aldermen had to OK.

Idaho Falls Zoo caring for terminally ill snow leopard - Idaho State Journal
Unless it is breeding season , they avoid one another. Mothers with cubs will actively move throughout their territories to keep the family away from male cats . In captive situations, they are not housed together when cubs are present. Ketu, however, is.

Breeding season for feral cats leaves neighborhoods taking action - Live 5 News
Animal control officers in Charleston County say they've seen an increase in the number of calls regarding feral cats in neighborhoods recently. These cats live in the wild and are typically scared of humans. Homeowners in the Lenevar neighborhood of.

I Bred 'Crypto Kitties' on the Ethereum Blockchain - Motherboard
By the time you've gotten to smart contracts and ICOs, they're slack jawed and drooling all over the place. When you're finished and they ... In a bid to make blockchain technology fun, a Canadian tech company called Axiom Zen has created CryptoKitties.

Snakes are on the move around Cootamundra - Cootamundra Herald
“At this time of year , snakes are hungry having just woken from their hibernation period . They are not interested in humans and just want to be left alone.” To deter snakes from lingering on your property, remove anything that attracts mice, such as.

Poodle Cat: Is it a Cat? Is it a Sheep? Considered a Breed for the First time in Nine Generations
The Poodle cat, or as its been nicknamed, the "cat in sheep's clothing", has finally been declared as its own unique breed by scientists, nine generations after it first appeared, according to reports. The Mail Online noted Saturday that this interesting.

Cardiologist Sinatra Putting His Heart Behind Homebred Defending Maryland Million Champion - Paulick Report
Berkley Farm in Darlington, Md. sits on the shores of the Susquehanna River and is home to Sinatra Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding , a premier full-service facility covering 160 acres that the Connecticut-based cardiologist purchased in 2013 following.

Hairless sphynx cat breed traces origin story to kitten born in Toronto
The controversial cat dates back to the 1960s, when breeders say a hairless cat named Prune was born in Toronto in a litter of otherwise normal, furry kittens. Riyadh Bawa, a University of Toronto student at the time, has been credited by breeders as the.

Pet Rescue bill furthers California's progressive mindset - The Valley Vanguard
In a move that further cements my home state of California as the nation's Most Progressive State, Governor Jerry Brown last month signed into law a bill called the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, which requires all dogs, cats and rabbits sold for retail.

Dramedy Being Relocated to Oklahoma - (press release) (blog)
Okla., for the 2018 breeding season . Out of the A.P. Indy mare She's a Winner, Dramedy is from a very active sire family. The 8- year -old stallion, who will have his first crop of runners next year , is a half brother to California sire Bluegrass Cat.

Coping with cats, carrots and Christmas cactus - Ravalli Republic
It will decide that the flowering season has come and gone. My system for knowing how much light is ... They have been developed only in the past few years , while the Dutch began breeding orange carrots in the 1700s. My choice for the best eating.

The RSPCA on keeping your pets safe as the nights draw in - Southport Visiter
Fit your dog and cat with a reflective collar – but make sure only a quick release collar is used for a cat . September to December is the breeding season for grey seals. Pups are born with a fluffy white coat and don't enter the sea for the first two.

Volunteers want council help with stray cats - New Zealand Herald
She says a female cat can have three litters during a breeding season and by the time she has the last kittens, her first ones will have started breeding . Whanganui District Council compliance team leader Warrick Zander says if stray or unwanted cats.