Cat It Senses 2.0 Circuit Training


Power Tips #80: Compensating for diode drop variations - (blog)
For the control circuit to accurately regulate the output voltage, the level shifter recreates the differential “Vout to GND” voltage between “FB and −Vin”. In this implementation, a current source approximately equal to (Vout − Vbe Q1)/R flows from.

What is the body control module in modern automobiles? -
excellent, scalable portfolio of new protected high side switches with their PROFET+2 high-side switches developed for 12V lighting and capacitive loads systems and High Current PROFET that will ensure the system's reliability with short- circuit.

Teardown: Reverse engineering an ultrasonic cleaner -
Instead it has these slots on the side, as well as slots in the front and rear, so natural convection can cool the circuit board. Some of the stains were on the unit when I won it on eBay, others got added by proximity to my ferric chloride circuit.

Machine learning improves production test -
For cost and capacity reasons in high volume production, test of difficult-to-measure parameters needs to be eliminated. In these situations, it is common to rely on R&D validation data captured from a set of samples. This can lead to quality issues if.

Book review: Microelectronic Circuit Design for Energy Harvesting Systems -
The author of this book is Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio; an interesting engineer. He has a Ph.D. in Physics and is also a Telecommunication Engineer. He has worked on various international projects in the field of gravitational wave research and x-ray.

Best cat toys 2017: The best toys for chasing, catching, pouncing and clawing, from £3 to £165 - Expert Reviews
Some toys come with a pouch for concealed catnip or treats, which can be a good way to get a cat to interact with a toy or a way of giving a lazy cat a bit of a workout if they want a snack. Of course, too many treats is never a good idea, so don't go.

Altium CircuitStudio review: The glory - (blog)
Last December I downloaded a trial of the Altium CircuitStudio circuit board CAD (computer-aided design) program. It's buggy, slow to load, crashes occasionally, and has a new and infuriating user interface. I absolutely love it. After a month of.

Using a power accumulator for real-time power measurements -
Expanding this idea to multiple rails allows the monitoring of power management integrated circuits (PMICs) in battery-powered, high-density systems. In addition, power accumulation facilitates rapid prototyping by monitoring various system rails.

Hacking a Power Grid in Three (Not-So-Easy) Steps
Responding to them all with an equal sense of alarm ... asecurity-focused training organization. "Scrapes from an HMI is a few rungs up the access scale," Assante says, contrasting the recent North Korean phishing with the Dragonfly 2.0 attack.

Listening for short circuits - (blog)
On a school night one spring I was at home, winding down for the evening, when I got a troubleshooting request from my frantic stepdaughter. It seemed that her cell phone was almost dead and would not charge at all. Those with young teens in their.

Teardown: The DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem falls out of favor -
Back in April 2014, I picked up an open-box Motorola SB5101U cable modem for $14.49 with free shipping, as a backup to my existing cable modem. The SB5101U was a DOCSIS 2.0 -based product, versus the then-latest DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems shipping&nbsp.

Now Starting for the Sonoma Stompers
In RPI’s next game, on May 13, he earned a four-out save in a 2–0 victory over Keystone College ... 64 game that’s spawned three sequels and a fierce professional Smash circuit. It’s a four-player brawler that pits well-known Nintendo characters.

How many MIT grads does it take to hook up a light bulb? - (blog)
I like stuff like this since so many of my pals went to MIT, including Professors Lee and Lundberg, not to mention half of the folks at Analog Devices. My mentor Bob Pease also went to MIT. Rob noted that our first instinct when faced with a problem.

Home reflow sees the light - (blog)
Though reflowing boards at home can take some practice, there are lots of workable solutions out there – mostly involving kitchen appliances like toaster ovens and various sorts of hot plates and skillets. Here's an approach by David Sanz Kirbis I.