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Genomes reveal cause of disease in rare cats - Futurity: Research News
allows clinicians to better predict an effective course of treatment for the patient. Findings from the studies could help feline preservationists implement breeding strategies in captivity for rare and endangered species such as the African black.

Saratoga Race Course Notes 8/13 -
She was handed the only defeat of her career by three-time champion Beholder by a nose in last year's Breeders ' Cup Distaff and returned this season with a pair of Grade 1 wins in the Ogden Phipps on June 10 at Belmont Park and, most recently, a one.

'Greedy breeders' blamed for surge in abandoned kittens in Highlands - Inverness Courier
A CAT rescue boss has criticised amateur greedy breeders for the increasing number of unwanted kittens. Heather Swinton, owner of Inverness Cat Rescue, claims people are running unscrupulous money-making schemes and warned of an impending surge&nbsp.

The Morning Line: Thackerville, Day 1
His breeding goes back to famous PBR bull Skat Kat ... Cooper Davis on -147 TLW’s Big Cat: This matchup was supposed to happen in Tulsa, but it didn’t. Big Cat fouled Davis there, and Davis ended up placing in the round on his reride bull.

Forget handbag dogs, now Britain goes barmy for SAUSAGE CATS... but vets warn boom in designer 'Munchkin ... - Daily Mail
Munchkins have divided the cat world. The International Cat Association, which sanctions cat shows, granted the Munchkin 'new breed ' status in 1995 and championship status in 2003. But the Cat Fanciers' Association, the world's largest registry of&nbsp.

Think a kibble is just a kibble? Think again says Royal Canin!
In the case of kibble size, the size of the dog or cat has a direct impact on the size of the kibble needed to match breed physiologies. “This is easy to understand,” says Day, “small dogs, small and softer kibbles, big dogs, bigger and tougher.

All the Heartwarming Reasons Why You Should Definitely Adopt a Shelter Pet - The Cheat Sheet
Some animals look good on paper, but once they come home to live with you, it's a whole different story. Adopting a shelter pet means you'll need to focus on more specific personality traits rather than overarching breed attributes. Every dog and cat.

Boston International Cat Show slinks into Dorchester - Dorchester Reporter
He started breeding Persians around 1987 — “at one point it got out of control, we had 45 Persians,” he said -- and then decided to begin breeding bobtails to become a judge at cat shows. Those bobtails have been his focus for almost 13 years. Another.

Seabird refuge appears to be taking off
“We’ve known that the Hawaiian petrel has nested in the nearby Makamakaole drainage areas, but they’re unprotected from cats, rats, mongoose,” said ... The results in the Maui enclosures match similar tests in New Zealand, where the first signs.

Should Scottish fold cats be banned? - BBC News
The British Veterinary Association has warned breeding of Scottish fold cats should stop because of health fears. The breed has had a surge of popularity after celebrity owners such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran posted photos on Instagram. The cats.

Would Your Dog Eat You if You Died? Get the Facts. - National Geographic
Cats get a bad rap for being the most eager to eat their owners, and anecdotally, some emergency responders say it's pretty common. When it happens, cats ... The pattern of scavenging also didn't match the feeding behavior of canines in the wild. When.

Cheryl Critchley: Richmond Tigers qualifying final win against Geelong Cats
The Tigers had not beaten the Cats at all since 2006 and had only ... Brandon Ellis of the Tigers high five fans after the match. Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images. Richmond fans are simply a breed apart. How many teams sell out the MCG in Week 1 of.