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Therapy dog with different-colored eyes makes a difference in many people’s lives
The nomination came from CHI Health’s Richard Young Behavioral ... of Therapy Dogs or Pet Partners. They must be people-friendly, well-mannered and non-aggressive toward other dogs. They must not mind being touched on the ears, paws, tail and down.

Solve your toughest pet problems - Las Vegas Sun
Pet behavior counselor Rebecca Zisch says a bigger problem might be the assumption that cats inherently know what we want from them — something we never expect from their canine counterparts. “I don't call it training; it's behavior ... She compared.

Tales of Tails: Spay/neuter key to shelter’s success
There is also a feral cat colony around the shelter. Snakes and feral cats. Rodents beware! The work of the shelter is to take in animals and evaluate them. Do they need medical care? Are there behavioral ... his tail always wagging and happy to greet.

So much for nibbling on lettuce! Speedy tortoise latches onto a CAT after chasing it across a garden and latching ... - Daily Mail
An ordinarily slow tortoise was filmed charging hastily across a garden as it gave chase to a cat - before latching on to its tail . The complacent kitty seems unfazed by his shelled adversary's presence as it casually struts away from the tortoise. But.

The pets in our lives and the lives of our pets - Livemint
They provide no security against burglars and other evildoers. They will wag their tails and welcome them. ... “A 10-month prospective study was carried out which examined changes in behaviour and health status in 71 adult subjects following the.

Harley the Dachshund Finds Relief From Osteoarthritis Pain Thanks to a Treatment Developed for FIV Cats -
A naturally occurring biological treatment , LTCI became the first USDA-approved treatment for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) in cats about nine years ago. Cats with these diseases have low white blood cell counts.

Teddy enjoys his version of tug-of-war
If the dog starts to get aggressive, telling him to drop the toy stops the game and the behavior ... toy and then prances back to one of us tail, wagging, rump wiggling, and toy shaking the entire way. Ed’s usually Teddy’s first choice.

Canine chaos! The Duchess of Cornwall's excitable dogs leap on Amanda Holden at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home ... - Daily Mail
Camilla was on a visit to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home's Old Windsor site on the day she was announced as the world famous rescue organisation's new Royal Patron, following the Queen's decision to step down from the role last year. In a short address.

If 'Megan Leavey' left you wanting to give a military dog a fur-ever home, read this - Los Angeles Times
If the movie “Megan Leavey” made you ponder giving a forever home to a four-legged hero, the good news is that there are programs in place to make that happen. But when it comes to military working dogs, the adoption process is, well, a whole different&nbsp.

Homewood patients with dementia get perfect match with robotic pets - Frederick News Post (subscription)
The meowing, barking, purring, tail - wagging cats and dogs are actually hyperrealistic Companion Pets purchased from the toy company Hasbro and given to residents of the Willows Health Care Unit at Homewood, a section of the retirement home dedicated&nbsp.

25 Signs Your Cat Is Actually In Pain, According To Science - Huffington Post
“And the more we can find out what the signals are, then the sooner we can get them to the vets for diagnosis and treatment .” So when your cat starts acting a little funny, don't brush it off as a weird quirk. Below, 25 tell- tail signs that could.

Why Do Dogs Have Tails? - Psychology Today (blog)
Although there are some differences among the various breeds, the scientific data suggests that, on average, by thirty days of age about half of all puppies are tail wagging and the behavior is usually fully established by around forty-nine days of age.

8 Things You Think You Know About Your Pet That Are Totally Wrong - Elite Daily
If a wagging tail has a feline equivalent, we assume it's purring: that gentle signal that your cat is totally blissed out. As you may have guessed, though, that's not always the case. True, cats may purr when happy. But they can also purr when they're.