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Cat saved by honey after getting stuck under car bonnet
A miracle cat has lived to tell the 'tail' after travelling 150 miles under a car bonnet. Ronney, who is 12, suffered first degree burns and had part of his tail amputated after lying ... L-R: Veterinary care assistant Emma-Jayne Mulliner, Ronney’s.

Ollie the pit bull dies two days after being stabbed 50 times, trapped in suitcase
In just two days, a GoFundMe page set up by Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue raised more than $40,000 toward his care. Jan Milbyer ... A vet and vet tech were hoping to adopt the dog whose tail didn’t stop wagging. Everyone thought he would pull through.

Debate Forum: 7/18 - Dayton City Paper
They argue it's more like an amputation than a simple nail clipping (the process is similar to docking a dog's tail or clipping its ears), and it can also lead to lasting health problems including pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis, lameness.

Is your dog just chasing its tail – or is it obsessive? - The Guardian
Sputnik was a tail chaser, and would spin for hours on end. At the moment, he is completely still. ... A dog-owner herself, she asked her vet about acral lick, when a dog licks or sucks at its paw or leg until the fur and flesh are worn through.

Ending your pet's life is one of a family's most difficult decisions - Fenton Tri County Times
Sometimes, the hard reality of finances get in the way of being able to treat a dog or cat for serious life-threatening illnesses like kidney disease or cancer — two of the biggest end-of-life issues for dogs. “Arthritis is the third,” Repke said.

This Week’s Featured Pets At The St. Lawrence SPCA
KIDDLES (0579.5) is a black and white, domestic short hair bob-tail female adult ... But the fact is that dogs, cats, birds, and other pets escape from their owners’ care all the time! Here are tips to help reduce the odds that your pet will become.

Puppy at Faxon Animal Care has three legs, a wagging tail and a big heart - Fall River Herald News
Puppy at Faxon Animal Care has three legs, a wagging tail and a big heart .... FALL RIVER — Three legs and one wagging tail is all Dakota needs to get from one side of the room to the other, especially when a stuffed toy is beckoning on the floor.

Tail vaccinations in cats could save lives, researchers find
That protocol is based on the understanding that the most effective treatment for cancer that occurs near vaccine injection sites is radical surgery—amputation of a limb ... vaccinations in the tip of the cat's tail appears to be as effective as.

Clearfield family mourns, pleads for justice after beloved pet tortured to death -
39;What we saw broke our hearts.' Family mourns loss of cat tortured with hot glue AOL.

Local shelter launches a Reality or Slow TV webcast of its adorable kittens “The Kattarshians” - Iceland Magazine
The family was taken to the shelter Kattholt, where the kittens and their mother were given appropriate care before the kittens moved out to start their new career as reality-TV stars. One of the kittens, Stubbur (“Shorty”), had suffered a serious.

Rescue Cat Helps Save Sick Little Lamb's Life - The Dodo
quot;Dora and Charlie have a kinship now, both animals were in dire need, and both animals were taken in by us, both animals were brought back to health, and together they are now living out their life here at Happy Tails Farm," Moore said. "They had an.

One-eyed cat suffers first-degree burns after crawling under car bonnet and travelling 150 miles on red hot engine -
Cat survives first-degree burns after travelling 150 miles under car bonnet Metro.