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How do you catch the viral phenomenon? - Sydney Morning Herald
It is one of the greatest mysteries of the ages – how does a home movie of a tween boy singing turn him into a pop superstar or a clip of a baby laughing become a global hit viewed by millions? The internet viral phenomenon has given a tangible realism.

EXCLUSIVE: RHOC's Alexa Curtin claims the officer she alleges raped her has a history of sexual assault while on duty - and the Orange County Sheriff's Department KNEW and took ...
Alexa Curtin, daughter of Real Housewife star Lynne ... Any injury to the plaintiff was due to and caused by the negligence and omissions of plaintiff to care for herself, which carelessness and negligence and omissions were the proximate cause of the.

Milky Way Down Under
Russ Brown is a gifted photographer (here’s proof — haha, "proof", I slay me). He sent me a picture he took of the Milky Way over Wellington, NSW (Australia) and it’s stunning! The detail and structure you can see in the center of our galaxy are.

'Ice epidemic' media coverage creating unnecessary fear, drug expert says - ABC Online
Dr Nicole Lee wants to challenge the media's coverage of the drug's use in Australia, and said "unduly negative images" had created unnecessary fear. "That fear creates stigma," Dr Lee, an adjunct associate professor at Curtin University's National.

Does Perth need an icon? - WA today
Perth's own version of Fat Cat could soon be trawling the streets, with the city council considering creating a mascot to improve its relationship with children. If the idea, mooted by Councillor Eleni Evangel, is adopted Perth would become the first.

Stateline Canberra
Phil Koperberg: I'd rather not go into the realms of what I privately believe, suffice to say that we were very concerned about the threat to Canberra ... don't care where you get it from send everything you can find, I'll square it away with ACT shortly.

McArthur River mine halts work after dust issues - Australian Mining
The Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy are investigating whether waste rock at Glencore's McArthur River Mine is burning yet again. In 2013 the site's waste rock combusted, emitting clouds of sulfur dioxide; now the department is.

Spencer's burrowing frog springs back to life in the wet, surviving its gruelling desert habitat - ABC Online
West of Alice Springs you might find something hiding in the desert sands that is small and knows how to survive its long, dry spells by burying itself until the rain comes. The scientific name is Platyplectrum spenceri, but it is more commonly known.

Canberra Times Letters to the Editor: Animals nourish and entertain the majority of us
We look at the horse and harness racing, ($7million allocated) zoos (National Zoo and Aquarium in the ACT), the Royal Canberra Show, dog and cat shows, the RSPCA million ... on September 4 ("Families shut out of care") I ask the question why the federal.

Stick to Heritage Act
The Giants and Grocon may find that more than "two or three people" care about protecting Urban Open Space ... hardly conducive to winning over the local residents and Canberra community. The ACT government has been irresponsible in blithely accepting.

Was 'dull oomph' detected 5000km off Perth coast MH370 hitting the water? Australian scientists say they have ... - Daily Mail
Researchers at Curtin University in Western Australia have been analysing the signal to see if it may be the sound of the plane crashing into the ocean. ... This map shows the estimated uncertainty region (yellow box) for the source of the signals.

Universities reluctant to compromise competitiveness by cracking down on academic fraud - Sydney Morning Herald
Worth around $17 billion annually, international education is Australia's most valuable services export industry. Australian universities currently rely on the income from international students for their financial viability and their capacity to fund.

$380 Millennium Falcon May As Well Be In The Movies
But hey, if it helps it looks just like the real thing and lights up. Luke Plunkett is a Contributing Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs Today 10:37am.