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Three Dead, Four Hospitalized by Generator after Irma
The Fire Department aired out the home and used canine masks to give oxygen treatments to the family's two dogs. They also have two pythons, but Sutton said the firefighters did not have the equipment or training to treat the snakes, which survived.

Some pet illnesses need diagnosis on cellular level
These are veterinarians who have received advanced training in assessing disease at a microscopic ... Stella was a 9-year-old mixed-breed dog who came to me because she had been vomiting for several weeks and not eating well. Her blood tests revealed.

Why dogs greet you with toys in their mouths
She is a wonderful dog. Whenever anyone comes to the house ... you need to teach her to how to "drop it." Do this training when no company is around. It's easy to do, especially if Roxy is food motivated. When she brings you her toy, don't try to grab.

Operation Delta Dog gets a second chance
She owns Forensic Veterinary Investigations, LLC. The dogs will be tired after a day of training and will sleep through the night, she wrote. With little discussion, all three selectmen said yes. Follow Anne O'Connor on Twitter @a1oconnor.

New Japanese robot dog sniffs out smelly feet
If you don't dare to ask a friend, one Japanese start-up might have the answer with a new robot dog that will sniff your feet and give ... Western Furniture LLC celebrates its 25th anniversary with a commitment to maintain its status as the leading.

These Are the Worst Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners
That’s one reason why many novice pet owners opt for a dog who’s easy to train. Most dog experts believe that there aren’t any bad dogs or dog breeds, just bad training ... the breed as a “notorious digger and counter-surfer.”.

Ex-sheriff, 2 officers plead guilty in jail-abuse case
Prosecutors say a Daggett County deputy who stunned inmates with a Taser and used them for police-dog training should serve jail time himself ... Copyright © 2017 The Washington Times, LLC. Click to Read More Click to Hide.

Newtown resident (age 9) is half way to goal for her DIABETES ALERT DOG!
Update on local Newtown resident, age 9, who is raising money to purchase a diabetes alert dog for her type 1 diabetes ... Her breeder/trainer is Becky Causey of Causey Labradors and Training, LLC. Due to the intense training for over a year and a half.

Local woman wins national award for humanitarian work
Linda Spagnotti, who owns and operates the Downtown Fremont business Bad Dog Bikes, LLC, with her husband ... what I do is set up training at these hotels and motels in the Omaha Metro and surrounding communities; and we train staff and management to.

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Outlier Creative Solutions will provide services for businesses and educational entities in public speaking instruction, copywriting, production services, customer service training ... (Winthrop), Lindsay Dairy LLC (Masonville), Lauric Farms Ltd (Lamont.