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The prehistoric 'otter' with a formidable bite: Kolponomos was as large as a bear with jaws like a sabre-toothed cat - Daily Mail
A recent study using computer modelling has suggested the cats instead used their powerful neck muscles to lever their canines into the necks of their prey in a similar way to a traditional tin opener found on penknives. These use a hook that catches.

Alexander Bell's experiments with audio-recordings heard for first time (complete with a 19th century technical glitch) - Daily Mail
Bell, Emile Berliner and Thomas Edison, who invented the phonograph to record sound on tin foil in 1877, each left objects and documentation with the Smithsonian to help prove their innovations were first. ... 'This stuff makes the hair stand up on the.

Britain's porky pets: Why are our four-legged friends getting so FAT? -
So is man's best friend's worst enemy, the cat . Veterinary charity People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) estimates that at least 2.5 million - one in three - dogs in Britain is overweight. Other sources say the number may be as high as four million.

PRESS DIGEST - Bulgaria - April 18
Capital Daily, Duma, 24 Chasa) CAPITAL DAILY - Public electricity provider NEK's liabilities stood at 3.4 billion levs in 2015, some 1.8 percent less than a year ago, data from the company showed.

Making mine mapping easier - Australian Mining
As more mining become automated, surveyors are taking to the skies to make more out of machinery. The rise of drone technology has seen miners, and surveyors in particular, utilise the technology to map out their mines in a faster, safer manner. Both.

GR Engineering wins processing facility contract - Australian Mining
The contract, valued at $12.5 million, will see GR provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for the processing facility's refurbishment. Davyhurst is located 140 kilometres north west of Kalgoorlie, and have been on care and.

Review: Blackbox i10 active noise cancelling earphones for iPod - Daily Mail
However she argued the added weight around her neck was an inconvenience. The same can be said for this hefty controller even without need for a battery. Ultimately, the i10 are not bad earphones, merely promise breakers and on those grounds I would&nbsp.

Critics' Picks: March 14-20, 2014 - Los Angeles Times
held in Orlando, Fla., and Las Vegas, where pro-ball hopefuls and rookies run and dribble, pass and shoot before a worldwide array of coaches and executives — a kind of last-chance marketplace for some, and a pre-season workout for contracted others.

Eoin McNamee on Patricia Curran's murder: still haunting after all these years - Irish Times
high-flier, attorney general at 36, Orange stalwart and high court judge. He was also a gambler, up to his neck in debt. ... The mother who was described as “nervy”, as “a cat on a hot tin roof”? The woman who had to climb through a rear bedroom.

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Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller's team as part of the Russia probe, according to a statement from Priebus' attorney.

BHP announces massive loss and 'simplification' - Australian Mining
BHP has announced an enormous loss, as well as massive management shakeups that have seen division heads get the chop as it changes its dividend policy. In one of the largest announcements, all of Australia's operating assets will now be merged into a&nbsp.