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Ask A Minnesota Expert: Tips For House Training Your Dog
Minnesota will feature some of the ... expert Lisa Fabish shares tips to instill better behavior into our canine companions. “Both social and natural breeding come into play when training your dog to be more compatible and generally sociable,” she.

Dog Sledding, Minnesota Style
you need only spend a few minutes with them to see it in their behavior. The day I spent with the athletes of Endurance Kennels, 20 miles north of Duluth, Minnesota, taught me so much about what it takes to be a champion sled dog. Must Love Dogs Every sled.

Celebrity-Endorsed Dog Training Guru Moves to St. Michael Area
has studied canine behavior and she has been a positive reinforcement trainer for 20 years, long before jumping onboard with Stilwell’s Positively Dog Training last year after an extensive selection process. “It’s truly a gift I think I was given.

Why Does Your Dog Follow You Around Everywhere?
Whether you find it irritating or endearing, it’s definitely odd behavior ... is the cause of your dog’s obsessive following, you’ll want to make sure your pet gets retrained, and give her plenty of exercise and obedience training.

Minneapolis Police Chief Mandates Training and New Policies After 2 Dogs Shot
The DOJ says law enforcement agencies need animal encounter policies that include making sure an animal control officer is at the scene, providing better dog behavior training, and finding ways to use items readily available in squad cars, such as.

Training dogs helps to prevent bad behavior
In the meantime, visit or for more information about training your furry friends.

El Paso police get training in dog behavior
El Paso police get training in dog behavior El Paso police officers are learning about dog behavior in a new program that could prevent dog shootings. Check out this story on

The New Science Of Understanding Dog Behavior
Bradshaw, who has spent much of his career debunking bad advice given to dog owners, is the author of a new behavior guidebook called Dog Sense ... But there are bits of training owners can do to help their dogs avoid separation disorders.

Dog behaviour problems? Here's the ten most common causes
but sadly many people still base their dog training on the principle of dominance. If a fearful dog growls or snaps, then trying to stop the behaviour by terrorising the animal with physical intimidation will only make the situation worse. To prevent bad.