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Public furor causes judge to recuse from animal abuse case -
MUNSTER โ€” A criminal court judge has recused herself from the case against a 36-year-old Crown Point man charged with animal neglect and mutilation on allegations he ran a dangerous dog breeding operation at a property in Center Township.

Pugs and bulldogs living miserable lives because of reckless breeding, vets say - ABC Online
Australian veterinarians and the RSPCA have called for all short-nosed dogs including pugs, Boston terriers and bulldogs to receive corrective surgery because "reckless breeding " has left them struggling to breathe.

Camera catches man abandoning dog on side of road
Reluctantly, a black and white dog hops out. The man drops the rope, hops in his car and drives away. The dog stands quizzically for a moment ... to help his sister who couldn't control the mixed-breed pup. Spears has been arrested on animal cruelty.

Hot dog stand on our 'best of' list closes suddenly
If you were hoping to try every single one of the hot dog stands on our best-in-Chicago list ... Owners declined to comment further on the closure. At LTH Forum, the Chicago food chat site, a member posted that the trailer was empty except for a.

For the Love of Farm Dogs
And therein lies the undeniable truth about these canny creatures, capable of connecting with humans on a deeply personal level: The best dog ever is the one curled up nearby as you read this. Donโ€™t see your favorite breed, or mutt, on these pages.

Commercial dog breeding bill would impact puppy mills in ND, if passed - AG Week
โ€œNorth Dakota is one of 16 states that hasn't dealt with or created specific oversight for commercial dog breeding ,โ€ said TJ Jerke, North Dakota Humane Society director. He said the bill would mandate a licensing system where veterinarians would be.

Three new breeds will compete at the Westminster dog show. How were they chosen? - Washington Post
The Westminster Kennel Club dog show โ€” the dog show of all American dog shows โ€” starts Monday. About 2,800 dogs from 190 breeds will be competing, and by late Tuesday night, a new pooch will be crowned โ€œBest in Show.โ€ Every year, the show&nbsp.

Defending the dog show and purebred puppies - Washington Post
Dogs that compete in AKC events are beloved pets long before they compete in dog shows. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, like all other dog shows, is not a โ€œbeauty pageant.โ€ Conformation shows compare breeding stock and evaluate a dog's &nbsp.

People who care about animal welfare are demanding information from USDA - Washington Post
The agency says it has since restored thousands of the inspection and annual reports to the website, but many more โ€” including all inspections of dog breeders and show-horse events regulated by the Horse Protection Act โ€” remain available only through.

Dogs and Fireworks โ€” Stop Your Dog from Being Scared on 4th of July -
Interestingly, the study of 5,257 dogs (from 17 different breed clubs) found female dogs to be more fearful of noises than males, plus some dog breeds to be more fearful. Of the 17 breeds in the study, those that seemed most afraid were Soft Coated.