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Bend veterinarian, on road full time, specializes in pet dental care
Untreated dental problems can lead to serious health issues and cause chronic pain ... It took a teeth cleaning on her own dog, S'Kaana, a black Lab, for Hodesson to notice a broken tooth. Spotting Sage's broken canine tooth, which led to Wednesday's.

Tongue Problem Basics
University of Maryland Medical Center: "Tongue Problems." University of Maryland Medical Center: "Oral Cancer." American Dental Association: "Common Mouth Sores." "Mouth Problems." Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

Know Your Tongue - Know Your Health
This is also common with anemia or after a long standing disease where the body had to tap into its reserves to fight itself back to health. Your immune system is weak here and needs a boost. The tongue coating (the film that dental commercials tell you to.

What we know and don't know about the deadly Niger attack
Bryan Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson and Staff Sgt ... A New Jersey woman who thought her dog was dead recently learned the animal had been living with an employee at a veterinary clinic where she took him to get euthanized five months prior.

25 Shelter Dogs Who Made It Big
In honor of Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, here are 25 shelter dogs who made it big. Walt Disney Studios Anita Westervelt/FEMA In 1995, FEMA worker Mary Flood met Jake: a 10-month-old black Lab who ... effects of 9/11 on the health of the rescue dogs.

The woman who gives Ms Markle her sparkle
With clean lines and sleek silhouettes, the entire collection is black and white ... She's also playful. Her dog, a cavapoo, is named Thatcher. "She is the softest, cutest little thing you've ever seen, so it was very tongue-in-cheek to call her after.

Tassajara Veterinary Clinic Offers Essential Pet Dental Care to Promote Pet Health
Oct. 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dental disease ... to improve the oral health of a beloved pet.” Dr. Elisa Dowd, D.V.M., owner and veterinarian at Tassajara Veterinary Clinic, serves pets and owners in Danville and Black Hawk along with Dr. Jeff.

Yes, any woman can look better at 50 than 20 and I’m proof!: Alice Hart-Davis shares the secrets to a youthful appearance
A love of novelty and a magpie’s eye for glitter meant I’d pile a patterned jacket over a skin-tight black ensemble and top the whole thing ... regime than walking several miles a day with my dog. I still do that, as I’m a strong believer that.

9 Dental Issues You Share With Your Cats and Dogs
Here are common dental issues you share with your cats and dogs, as well as ways to avoid them. Stinky mouth odor , referred to as halitosis, develops when bacteria grows on the tooth surface or tongue ... improve cat and dog dental health.

What your tongue says about your health
Dr Esta Lynn Musinguzi, a dental surgeon with Pan Dental Surgery, says the whole mouth can tell the health ... tongue, visit a doctor. “The tongue might be just dirty and you have not cleaned but, it could also be a sign of cancer.” Brown or black.