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Evolution in Action: Roundup Ready Crops Create Roundup-Resistant Superweeds - Discover Magazine (blog)
Corn Is the Roundup Ready revolution coming to a close? In the early 1990s, agribusiness giant Monsanto introduced its line of genetically modified crops that could tolerate the pesticide Roundup, allowing farmers to spray it far and wide without.

Copycat? Hershey's says marijuana edibles violate trademark - USA TODAY
Reese's cup or Reefer's cup? Almond Joy or Ganja Joy? Hershey's has filed two trademark infringement complaints over marijuana edibles the candy company says look like their products. The Pennsylvania -based chocolate maker is suing Tincturebelle,&nbsp.

Dog Shows More Than A "Beauty Contest" -
The Harrisburg Kennel Club show Saturday ranks among the largest in the nation in terms of entries -- a unique opportunity for dog lovers to see one of the planet's most diverse species all under one roof. It's also a chance to ... Obedience and Rally.

Pooches become works of art at competitive styling competition - USA TODAY
At a creative dog grooming competition in Pennsylvania , dogs are transformed into works of art. Dye, blow pens, props, rhinestones... "The dogs have a really good time with it all. They love the attention that they get," says Lori Craig, a dog groomer.

Painting poodles: the bizarre world of creative dog grooming
Animal photographer Ren Netherland captures the best and the worst designs imaginable at an annual creative dog grooming event in Pennsylvania. Hershey in the US state of Pennsylvania hosts the weird annual event where extreme pet stylists gather to show.

For the Love of the Fans: LPGA Tour
Once again, the LPGA put on a tremendous event for the spectators and the players shined with their play in some challenging weather conditions ... My first exposure to the tour was in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the Lady Leystone Open.

Westminster dog show will include several pups from Pennsylvania -
The 140th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show begins Monday, Feb. 15, and this year will feature 203 dogs from Pennsylvania competing in the main event. The Westminster dog show is considered the most prestigious dog show in the United States,&nbsp.

Understanding Dog Shows -- A Judge's Perspective -
Perhaps the least understood aspect of dog shows involves actual breed judging. To the average dog lover or first-time attendee, all the dogs look alike and ring procedures make little sense. Group judging, on the other hand, includes the.

Cousin: 'Kellyanne wasn't afraid of anything or anyone' - USA TODAY
Kellyanne Conway's Husband Is Set to Lead Justice Department Division Wall Street Journal.

Why Carson Wentz makes Philadelphia Eagles OC Frank Reich think of Jim Kelly -
Reich said he's not concerned about the level of competition Wentz faced in college, though. He's more excited about the traits ... Reich said that the Eagles' offensive staff is prepared to groom Wentz into one of the league's top passers. And he's.

Dogs gone wild: Creative Styling competition at Groom Expo turns traditional grooming on its head - Patriot-News
The 2013 Groom Expo's Creative Styling Tournament wows dog lovers in Hershey , Pa . (blog.

Lancaster Scene: Sports calendar and listings from across the area
Other camp highlights include team and individual competitions ... White Oak St., Annville PA 17003 or by email at [email protected] • Derry Township School District (Hershey High School) is looking for a head junior high fall and winter cheerleading.

Keystone Cluster Dog Shows connect at the Farm Show Complex: Pet Calendar
The Keystone Cluster Dog Shows will be held 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Aug. 7-9 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, 2300 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg. The event features 150 AKC breeds in competition ... Derry Road, Hershey on the front lawn, weather permitting.