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Pet Grooming Program. This program covers basic grooming techniques and methods, as well as health and safety, dog and cat grooming basics, clipper use, scissor control techniques, body styles and breed specific cuts. Students also learn ergonomics and&nbsp.

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If your cat or dog is heavily matted, these need to be shaved out, and it is best to seek out a professional groomer . If you are using scissors to clip out a mat, put a comb between the skin and mat. We commonly will see pets whose owners accidently.

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Groomer Ashley Bates and her son Archer Olsen, 18-months, operate “Groom on the Vroom” mobile dog and cat grooming service that travels to pets from Missoula to Sula. ... “The van has a tub, table, sinks, clippers, blades scissors and a water tank. The.

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Pack it with bandages and other essentials, such as scissors , bandages and a thermometer. (Check out How to Make a DIY First Aid Kit for Dog Travel on Also create a list of animal hospitals along your travel route and at your final.

Dog grooming requires patience and skill
After researching what she could do for a living that involved her love for animals, O’Connor chose dog grooming. Today she is a professional pet groomer operating a ... massage and aromatherapy to calm them. Scissor cutting is the hardest part, O.

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Scissors are a very handy tool for dispensing the finishing touch to your dog. These scissors or “ shears ” are specially designed for dogs and therefore are an excellent value addition to your dog grooming toolkit. Based on their utilization, these.

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The new location is nearly twice the size of the original. Its grooming area has several new animal crates and it is equipped with new scissors , trimmers and hair dryers. A hydraulic lift that holds up dogs of all sizes was the nicest piece of.

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A self-described dog lover "since birth," Warner, 24, has groomed and pampered dogs and cats professionally at Scissors n Sudzs Pet Salon for the last four years. She loves the work so much, she said, she bought the business from the former owners last&nbsp.

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Matted fur can cause your pet pain, and if you're not careful, the process of clipping these mats can make it even worse. Never use scissors to clip a mat, because it's difficult to determine how close the mat is to the skin. You could easily cut your.

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It needed to be groomed, so Tom got some scissors and did the job ... She worked up front; Tom worked in back washing and grooming dogs. Virtually every dog that came into the shop was a poodle. “Back then, poodles were by far the most popular.

A Dog Grooming Guide: Tools You'll Need to Groom Your Pet at Home
The services of a professional dog groomer are beneficial in a number of instances — including working through matted hair and trimming long nails — but pet owners can often perform basic dog grooming ... clippers, scissors, sheers, and shavers are.

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Dismissal: The pet owner says a temporary farewell and the dog finishes the beautification ... Singer wanted a logo that obviously promoted dog grooming but she didn’t want to stick to just a pair of scissors. So she sent her sister-in-law, who is.