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For safety's sake, enlisting a professional pet groomer to perform this service is a smart precaution. pH Balance. Dr. Becker notes that slightly altering the acidity of your dog's body chemistry can sometimes help alleviate tear staining. So try.

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Grooming Products
You may use a friend's equipment at a show and bring home ringworm to your farm or stable ... For more information visit EQyss Grooming Products Don Van of EQyss says he originally made high-end human products for a salon.

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Pet grooming parlours for your furry buddies
Their shop has all kinds of accessories and grooming items for your pets. From shampoos, perfumes, powder to ear ... can take care of 5 dogs at a time in separate kennels. We also provide professional obedience training and dog show training services.

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On a picture-perfect spring day in Bradys Run Park, dogs joyfully chased a white plastic bag at the lure coursing venue while others crawled through tunnels and soared over hurdles on the agility course. Tail-wagging dogs and smiling ... Because nail.

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who has been showing and grooming dogs since he was 11 years old. Sara Abozeid, of Waterloo, Wisconsin, had a show-stopper Saturday. Passersby wanted to know about Great Maximus, a Tibetan mastiff, who stood taller than knee-high at 11 months. Also known.

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Grooming a dog for the Indy Winter Classic Dog Show
Grooming a dog for the Indy Winter Classic Dog Show Take a look at the work involved in grooming a dog for the Indy Winter Classic Dog Show inside the West Pavilion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Sunday. Check out this story on