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Miami Dolphins OL coach resigns after video shows him snorting white substance - CNN
Model claims she outed NFL coach doing drugs as a political statement

Delaware County Police Dog's Nose Knows Hidden Child Porn - CBS Philly
MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) — She's only 2 years old, but the Delaware County district attorney is using her in the fight against a vile crime. “Charlie's very busy with the important work of saving children,” says Marlon Miller, Special Agent in Charge of.

Learn To Sniff Like A Dog And Experience The World In A New Way - NPR
Even after spending months learning how to smell like a dog , observing detection dog training, following truffle dogs , and accompanying my own dog train in the sport of " nose work ", I feel certain: I don't experience the world my dog does. But my own.

Competitive dogs sniffing out new levels of sport with nose work in Hobart
Sniffing dogs of all ages are getting a new sense of positive reinforcement in a new sport that is coming to Hobart. Since beginning in the United States a year ago, the K9 Nose Work sport has dogs licking their lips to try out the box game that rewards.

New canine sport heads to N.J., as 'nose work' dogs find scents humans could never find
She has trained Casey to sniff out these "hides" as part of a sport called K9 Nose Work. Meila and her dog were at an advanced practice session to prepare for the two-day Canine Scent Work Trial this weekend at Centenary College. It is the first such event.

The dog’s nose knows this is a blast
Three Southern California dog trainers started fun-nose work – classes and competitions that lead to titles are all part of the sport – to give everyday dog owners the chance to let their dogs use their most salient sense: Smell. Noses are to dogs like.

K9 nose work: a new sport for your companion - The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
“ Nose Work is drug detection for civilian dogs , but the stakes are much lower. We are using companion animals and odors from essential oils,” Murray said. “I've worked with poodles, I've worked with chihuahuas, and I always laugh because the small dogs &nbsp.

Pet Connection: Teach your dog how to compete in nose work
Have you ever wished there was a dog sport that anyone – and any dog – could do? Wish no more. Nose work is what you’ve been looking for. If your dog can eat treats out of a box or has a favorite toy, he can excel at this fun sport. Purebreds and.

Cold Nose Companions Dog Training hosting expert for canine conditioning program -
Cold Nose Companions Dog Training is bringing in a veterinarian to speak to dog owners on the subject of canine conditioning and rehabilitation from injury. Whether a dog is a canine sports athlete, a committed backyard ball-chaser, or an aging couch&nbsp.

Madi, Finn, Masia and Roxie: Star Tribune readers on their dogs - Minneapolis Star Tribune
She was born with a natural instinct to pheasant hunt, with a great nose , and never ranges too far as to spook any birds. I've kept a tail feather from every rooster we've harvested, and there are well over 100. Watching Marley work the fields for.

Homeless Cats Recruited to Fight Rising Tide of Rats - National Geographic
Soon he'll prowl the streets, but for now he's hiding under a fluffy fleece bed, only his small pink nose and white paws poking out. His name is Miso, and he's a cat with his work cut out for him. Miso's new ... “My position [on the cats] is if it.