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Since the first extrasolar planet was described a little more than 20 years ago, the list of known planets orbiting other stars has grown to more than 3,000, but humans are still in the early stages of understanding the diversity of other planetary.

Understanding dominance in dogs -
The dominant (or alpha) term is so compelling when used to describe bad dog behavior that when a trainer suggests it, one immediately conjures up thoughts of a struggle for power. Many who are experiencing conflict with their dog buy it hook, line and&nbsp.

Win-win-win: Inmates train rescue dogs to help military veterans in South Jersey -
There are inmate dog training programs elsewhere in the country, but it's a first for New Jersey . β€œThe opportunity to have inmates participating and learning a new skillset that will ultimately benefit veterans is a home run for public policy," said.

Running Through the Heart of Navajo
A pony-tailed college senior, Delta Higdon, who is a Navajo, had been a high school track star in nearby Chinle ... whose area is greater than the sum of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. She worked as a midwife for the Indian health service, and I.

Trump demands return of New Jersey 'cop killer' exiled in Cuba -
President Donald Trump on Friday rolled back several Obama administration policies designed to ease America's decades-long standoff with Cuba, calling his predecessor's removal of travel and commercial restrictions a "terrible and misguided deal" as&nbsp.

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Hollywood Dog Training School Closes After 9 Decades. Nov. 16, 2017. A dog training school, which housed and groomed Toto from the movie "The Wizard of Oz;" Lassie, star of one of the longest-running series in television history; and Rin Tin Tin, from.

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In New Jersey , those who want to be correctional officers must attend a 14-week training academy and complete two weeks of supervised work before their first day alone on the job. Virginia requires 10 weeks of training – six at an academy and four at a&nbsp.

For mother of adult addict, a life dragged down by drugs -
Interval Training Indepedendence LIVE ... Her younger son, Stephen Romeo, 33, is a poster child for the opioid crisis, addicted to drugs for half his life and serving time in prison until March for a pair of burglaries committed several years ago to.

From clerks to Christie: What these 40 people in state government earn -
Chris Christie tapped him to serve as chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Board of Commissioners. It's the most powerful post at the authority the New Jersey governor has control over (the other top-ranking job, executive director.

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The Honolulu Star -Advertiser reported ( ) Monday that Howard Hughes Corp. is offering the Mercedes incentive along with a few others in an attempt to spark sales at three of its towers. Hughes Corp. also is offering to advance.

4 men admit guilt in multi-state dogfighting ring -
TRENTON -- Four men this week admitted their roles in a brutal interstate dogfighting ring that spanned from New Mexico to New Jersey , federal officials said Friday. The men trafficked dogs and participated in fights in New Jersey , New Mexico, Indiana.

David 'DJ' Creato handed 10-year prison sentence in death of son -
His manslaughter sentence will be served in a state prison assigned by the New Jersey Department of Corrections . Creato was impassive, even when a victim statement was read and the court played a montage of photos of Brendan assembled by the family&nbsp.