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Story County Animal Shelter dealing with major influx of surrenders - Ames Tribune
According to Wise, SHRA has been sending at least three volunteers to the shelter each day for the past month to help socialize the dogs and cats, by playing with the cats and walking the dogs , and getting them used to people to make them more.

Don't lose sleep over sharing your bed with your pet or kids - Science Daily
Studies about co- sleeping are limited to the bedtime arrangements of adults, or parents and their children. Researchers say that society regards both human- animal and adult- child co- sleeping with apprehension. These concerns should be set aside because&nbsp.

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann was not basking in the summer's glow when she took to Snapchat earlier today to express her "disgust" towards an unknown social media follower who called animal control on her, complaining that the reality star wasn't taking care.

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First, let's take another look at the mother- child bond, because this particularly strong kind of love is something we actually can trigger in animals , as I experienced when I was a boy. Even back then, my interests revolved around Nature and the.

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She insists she'd die if she ever lost him, and doesn't care what anyone thinks about it. Honestly, I admire Walker's "old bear, don't care " attitude. I finally asked Dr. Ryan point blank: Is sleeping with a stuffed animal as an adult something to be.

Meet the Newest Real Shelter Dogs of New York and They’re All Adoptable!
Animal ... care about animal welfare and surrender prevention assistance services. They have even taken in dogs from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, some of which you have the opportunity to adopt today! And now stop petting all your cats named Baby.

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Much research suggests they take more care of their young. And they .... Ms. Bouchard and her assistant stayed day and night with the animals for the first few weeks, gradually decreasing the time spent with them after that. ... That means sleeping.

When Is It Not OK to Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed? - Reader's Digest
If there's one type of dog you want snoozing on your duvet, it's a tiny, baby one, right? Unfortunately, puppies really shouldn't sleep on your bed, period. “A dog should not sleep in your bed until it is crate trained and potty trained,” says Derick.