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Cross: Dogs take center stage at Scheels’ Expo
Acknowledging that dog training equipment has progressed far beyond whistles, blank pistols and retrieving dummies, he also will talk about the correct use of remote collars and other dog training technologies. Other events at the Expo, which will be held.

Sit Means Sit helps dogs be their best - Akron Leader Publications
Owner Paul Pollock said Sit Means Sit training programs teach dogs basic commands such as come, heel (no leash pulling), sit, wait (at the door), quiet and off (leave it). Available training also can help owners with housebreaking their dogs.

6 Kettlebell Training Mistakes Most Women Make - SELF
Unfortunately, for all of the benefits and popularity of kettlebell training , there isn't a whole lot of good information out there for women on how to approach kettlebells in a safe and effective way. The result: Women are squatting their kettlebell.

Deputies seize 30 dogs, 3 men facing cruelty charges - Minden Press-Herald
Eight dogs were also seized from a location on Lorex Road in Minden, where they found them without water. They also found equipment consistent with training dogs for fighting. Ketrick Frazier, 37, faces eight counts of animal cruelty in connection with.

'The guy who waves his leg:' A teen amputee's water polo story - USA TODAY
He takes off the prosthesis, bends down and leans it against some equipment , as if he is leaving that part of him behind. Kyle turns around and .... They decided to amputate his foot when he was 5, removing his toes and leaving a stump, the bottom of.

All About Dogs: Timing and finesse are keys to using a correction collar - Sarasota Herald-Tribune
This is the brand name for the type of doggie halter I prefer, and can really be an effective way to teach heeling , but it takes a bit to learn how to use one of these, too. At the end of the day, like all other dog training endeavors, patience is.

14 'Sneaky' Abs Moves Top Trainers Swear By - SELF
When you do a typical abs workout, you usually know exactly what to expect. The moves are focused on your midsection, and you can feel a burning sensation that tells you that the magic is happening. But even when you're doing a workout that's not.

Cross-Country 101: Equipment - WAVY-TV
Cross-country bindings attach to a boot at the toe only, leaving the heel free to flex up and down, allowing the skier to propel themselves across the snow. In contrast, alpine bindings and boots are rigid and keep an athlete's ankle from flexing when.

Chicopee Police to add 3rd K9 to force, saying dogs help track criminals, missing persons
It cost $7,000 alone to purchase Kane in 2016 and there are also costs of fitting a cruiser with a cage for the dog, funding training, purchasing equipment and outfitting the handler's home with a kennel, he said. Mayor Richard J. Kos has agreed to support.

The Threat of Polio in the Badlands of Boko Haram
It’s the latest in a calendar of orchestrated pushes to eliminate polio from Africa and the world, and it comes on the heels of another epic vaccination ... us with a gag along the lines that only mad dogs and journalists would come to the scorching.