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Dog Behavior: Beware of Simple Names for Complex Problems - The Bark (blog)
When the real issue is boredom, incomplete house training or a simple (which is not to say easy!) case of adolescence, changing the undesirable behavior by approaching it as a case of separation anxiety is unlikely to be successful. Rather than.

An Elderly Man and His Dog - The Bark (blog)
Mérida, Spain is famous for its World Heritage Site—an extensive set of archaeological ruins that include a well-preserved 2000-year old Roman theater. One might expect that it is these ancient treasures that my memory would lock onto most fiercely.

Teaching a Dog to Whisper - The Bark (blog)
A dog can't jump on visitors if he's sitting. He can't run off if he's on a stay. Training an incompatible behavior is a reliable way to squelch the unwanted. But what about barking? Boston could bow and bark, bounce and bark, beg and bark. He barked.

Canine Science Conference 2017 - The Bark (blog)
Although there were a number of talks about wolves, foxes and dingoes, the majority of the presentations were about our best friends, the domestic dog . ... stress, problem behavior in shelter dogs , detection dogs , food preferences, guide dogs , therapy.

Understanding Canine Growls - The Bark (blog)
Cross-species communication is particularly interesting between humans and dogs because of the long history we have of associating with one another, leading to the possibility that we have influenced each other's vocalizations. In order to investigate&nbsp.

Why are European dogs so well behaved? - The Bark (blog)
As we chatted over drinks, they asked my opinion as a dog trainer: Why were the dogs in London behaved better than the dogs back home? What were dog ... Young service dogs in training are walked through crowds of people who ignore them. Children are&nbsp.

Tension & Teamwork in Dog Training - The Bark (blog)
We were in an open hayfield in the middle of a training exercise with one of many young bird dogs when John, my boss, asked me, “What is tension?” When I looked at him quizzically, he said, “There was no tension between you and your dog .” Though I've&nbsp.

Dog Behavior: Bite Inhibition Matters - The Bark (blog)
All dogs come equipped with powerful jaws and teeth capable of inflicting injury, but they vary in their willingness to use them as weapons. Most save them for marrow bones, chews or Kongs, a quality that makes for good pets and great friends. The.

Dog elected mayor of Kentucky town for a fourth term - AOL
For the fourth time, small Kentucky town elects a dog as mayor WDRB.

Company In Frankfort Trains Protection Dogs - LEX18 Lexington KY News
FRANKFORT, Ky (LEX 18) -- Man's best friend can also be a good way to protect yourself and your family. A company in Frankfort has been breeding and training top-of-the-line personal protection dogs for nearly three decades. They say that as soon as.

How To Get Your Dog's Attention - The Bark (blog)
Although it is often underemphasised by dog training experts, ensuring your dog is capable of paying attention is one of the core principles in positive reinforcement training, and an absolutely necessity if you are to ensure your training is a success.

How Would Karen Handle This? - The Bark (blog)
Not only am I excited to hear that a critical training moment went well, but I'm thrilled to realize that the person is thinking like a trainer. Here are some examples of ... His guardian noticed that dog first thanks to his constant vigilance. He.