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Wolves Know How to Work Together - New York Times
Wolves are known to cooperate in hunting and even in raising one another's pups, but they can seem pretty intolerant of one another when they are snapping and growling around a kill. So researchers at the Wolf ... With no training , five of seven wolf.

In Central Park, Teaching Dogs to Sit (in Yiddish) - New York Times
Einstein, a Lhasa apso, learned to “stay” (“shtai”) in a Central Park dog training class that teaches commands in Yiddish. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times ... for the training aspect. “My family would yell at us in Yiddish, so this reminds me of.

I may look fine, but I need my service dog with me for panic attacks - Washington Post
The authority figure who banned him — Queequeg did nothing but lie on the floor of the nursery while toddlers milled around him — was obviously afraid of dogs , especially large German shepherds. She was very nice about it. ... Until he's ready, we'll.

Veteran's service dog, a Muppet-like Goldendoodle named Ozzy, sick and missing
But veteran Lori Bilyou, Ozzy's owner, believes a seizure the Goldendoodle service dog suffered on Oct. 20 caused ... STORY: Biden's open book: What's inside 'Promise Me, Dad' After a year of training with K9 Navigators, Ozzy became her partner in crime.

Over a dozen states start to crack down on fake service animals
“Their animals aren’t trained and end up misbehaving in these public places, which gives real service dogs a bad name.” Colleen Belanger has a service dog and she is upset people are using fake service dogs. “They make me ... near the amount of.

Dog days of summer - Greensboro News & Record
Among the popular places that allow dogs these days are breweries in downtown Greensboro, including Gibb's Hundred Brewing Company at 117 W. Lewis St.; the Bearded Goat at 116 E. Lewis St.; Gate City Growlers at 1724 Battleground Ave., Suite 103&nbsp.

How African elephants' amazing sense of smell could save lives - The Conversation AU
Or had they associated the smell of landmines with danger, extrapolating risk to other areas where the odour was present? We couldn't ... Not only were we eager to find out whether they could detect TNT using olfaction, but also how their abilities.

Japanese fashion spotlights KHS grad - Kilgore News Herald
Gillian, a 2002 Kilgore High School alum, is developing a dog training business while also working as a model overseas. NEWS HERALD photo by ... Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Gillian Kamata didn't travel to Japan to land a job in the modeling business.

Dog Gone Problems: My dog is shy and nervous around my boyfriend - Omaha World-Herald (blog)
Dog Gone Problems is a weekly advice column by David Codr, a dog behaviorist in Omaha. David answers ... She is wonderful on the leash, but will not go out with anyone else except me and the kid who walks her daily during the week. ... Make sure the.

A new device to help train sniffer dogs - The Economist
That confuses the animal and slows down its training . Things would therefore go more smoothly if a trainer could find out instantly whether a sample had indeed been compromised by traces of explosive, so that he could tell whether a dog's reaction to a&nbsp.

How to choose an effective dog trainer - Davis Enterprise
Dogs make for ready learners. When they're well-trained, that can be great. Dogs can do amazing things, in the process cementing a closer bond with their owners. But it's just as easy for an untrained dog to learn bad habits. Dogs are intelligent and.

Hendersonville veteran receives service dog, training from nonprofit - WSMV Nashville
The nonprofit was able to provide the service dog and training for Gariety free of charge. K9s For Warriors has the ability to pair 144 veterans with service dogs every year. The majority of the dogs are saved from high-kill shelters, meaning the dog.