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In turn, the lucrative fraud of the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight provided relief from the banal late-summer sports journalism monotony of NFL training camps (ACL injuries, quarterback battles), the dog days of baseball and the exhausting.

Popular North Fork Dog Trainer Opens Doors To New Business -
NORTH FORK, NY — Dawn Bennett is known on the North Fork for her ardent love of dogs , and her tireless dedication to training four-legged friends. And now, Bennett, who co-owned the North Fork School For Dogs for years, has announced the opening of&nbsp.

Meet America’s most heroic dogs of 2017—and yes, they can show real bravery
Aladdin is a Ronald McDonald House Ambassador dog. He visits schools ... search and rescue (SAR) dog who was 10 years old at the time his owner and former police-officer partner got the call. The German Shepherd immediately fell back into his SAR training.

Frida The Rescue Dog Is Saving Lives After Mexican Earthquake
She and the other rescue ... to search are less than 20 inches high. In some places, the dogs had to crawl, getting much deeper into the rubble than rescuers could. Salinas said the dogs are selected for service at 2 months old. They receive training.

Dogs, owners bond during search and rescue training -
“I got bit by the bug. I love training in nose work,” said Moody, who teaches obedience classes at the club. “Everything I learned in nose work can be applied to human remains work.” Gordon invited Moody to search and rescue training sessions with her.

Wagging her way through work - White Mountain Independent
While the term “service dog ” may seem generic to the general public, there are actually a number of specific designations for assistance dogs that are trained to take on different kinds of jobs. CCI trains dogs for four types of assistance programs.

Rescuers get closer to trapped girl as Mexico quake toll passes 220 -
As rescue efforts continued at the school , a facility for children aged 3 to 14, emergency crews, volunteers and bystanders toiled elsewhere using dogs , cameras and heat-seeking equipment to detect survivors. Reinforcements also began to arrive from&nbsp.

Pennington County Search and Rescue dogs get some good practice - KEVN Black Hills Fox
Rockerville, SD Pennington County Search and Rescue crews were out Sunday practicing skills with their four legged companions. The local search and rescue team has two certified search dogs and three dogs currently in training . Each is a different.

High school track team runs with shelter dogs — and everybody's winning -
High school track team runs with shelter dogs — and everybody's winning ... "If you have a talent, there is a chance your local shelter can come up with a way to use it to help the animals," said Glen Hatchell, a dog trainer who works at the Humane.

K-9 cops: Training, teamwork key to success - Livingston Daily
Southeast Michigan K-9 officers, led by Livingston County Deputy Jeff Krysan, trained Thursday at Maltby Intermediate School in Brighton. The K-9s searched for real narcotics and explosive components in mock scenarios. Lisa Roose-Church/Livingston Daily.

Local Teen Picked for Prestigious Ranger Training School - Parsippany Focus
Hawk Mountain Ranger School is the longest running Search & Rescue School in the nation. For over 60 years, the school has provided some of the best wilderness SAR training throughout the country. Courses include leadership training , compass and map&nbsp.

Want To Train A Search And Rescue Dog? Here's 10 Basic Things You Should Know
To find local SAR training, either contact one of the agencies above or do an Internet search for "search and rescue dog training schools." Also read, Scent And The Scenting Dog, by William Syrotuck, called 'the pioneer' of SAR dog training.