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Want to read your dog's mind? Japan's boom in weird wearable tech - CNN
Chiba University, Japan Polymer Technology and Hiroaki Nishimura Design, in Japan , it was initially intended for surgeons, who need to rest their legs during long operations. The chair enables its wearer to effectively sit down and stand up at the.

How to teach your pup to SUP - GrindTV
If you've ever ventured down to your local harbor, you've probably spotted plenty of people paddling with their dogs . While it may look like a breeze, teaching your pooch to paddle can be more challenging than you think. We've rounded up a few tips to.

Retriever Obedience & Steadiness Drills
To that end, Bouldin's training involves several steps, the first of which is teaching a simple "down" command. "I'll put a cookie in the palm of my hand, let the dog smell it, and tell him to sit," Bouldin ... the dog tries to stand up.

The US, India and Japan took part in the annual naval drills off the coast of India - Daily Mail
A US aircraft carrier group has begun a massive naval exercise with India and Japan which is seen to be a show of strength against the rising might of China. The US navy said the annual drills named Malabar, held off the Indian coast, would help the.

Crofton/Odenton: Dog show winner is also life saver -
quot;Biscuit began sitting on me like he was holding me down ," Di Leone said. "If I got I up I would have an episode of vertigo and fall down . The same strange behavior would happen if I were standing . Biscuit would jump on my leg and without warning I.

Sake bars in NYC: Sakagura, SakaMai, Samurai Mama and more - amNY
Head to easygoing spots like Sake Bar Hagi or Sakagura in midtown for casual sipping or perhaps hop on the L train to Williamsburg for more of a sit - down affair at Samurai Mama. And remember, you can drink your poison chilled or warmed up.

A Navy SEAL commander explains how he learned to never give up - Business Insider
Admiral McRaven: We used to have a saying in SEAL training , "Take it one evolution at a time." Meaning don't look six months down the road. Don't ask yourself or don't look and say, "My gosh, I've got more swims and more runs and more PTs." If you do.

Football, Hurricanes, and Charlotte History - WBT
Right stock up on love stuff. Well I think that's part of it stocking up I went to one of our neighborhood grocery stores. Recently and guess what they were all sold out of bottled water. And it is all in preparation for. The upcoming storm. To.

Dog surfing world record 'unofficially' broken on Queensland's Discovery Coast - ABC Online
It took 25 dogs , a former world champion tandem surfer and an oversize stand up paddle board to break a rather peculiar world record, although it has not been officially recognised by world record keepers. Chris de Aboitiz, known by many as ... The.

Kinematic analysis of sit to stand by persons with rheumatoid arthritis supported by a service dog
A service dog provides benefits in assisting with transfers from sit to stand by persons with RA. Future studies should consider training the service dogs ... Both dogs were registered with the Japanese Support Dog Association, and had been well trained.

This is how the next World War starts - Huffington Post
Lithuania fears Russian propaganda is prelude to eventual invasion The Guardian.

Working Like a Dog: See How Pups Help Park Rangers in These 12 Unusual Jobs
Park ranger Nick Iannelli, his handler, also does a lot of training ... dog. “They could sit on the bench and pet the dog, and they found it very therapeutic,” Hartman said. Happy’s gentle demeanor helped visitors calm down, which often led them to.