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A Donald Trump presidency could be dangerous for your dog - ChicagoNow (blog)
It's not often that a presidential election could have a direct detrimental effect on your dog's health. But this election is anything but ordinary. Folks, there are many reasons to not vote for Donald Trump in November. And I am here to provide.

Hey David Muir! Bad behavior toward dogs is not cute; it's dangerous. - ChicagoNow (blog)
Neighbors of a young boy catch the boy sneaking into their garage repeatedly to give their dog a hug before taking off. The neighbors post the video on Facebook to find the boy and find out that his dog recently died and his family hadn't yet adopted.

Therapy dogs help life-skills students communicate - Scranton Times-Tribune
Trained International Therapy dogs from Coal Dogs : Dog and Puppy Training  in Scranton visit the Lakeland School District Life Skills classroom with trainer Barb Mattes once a month. “I have seen a change in their ... Introducing therapy dogs into the.

So, who's in charge — you or your dog? - The Times
Have you ever fed your dog under the table? Does your dog think your bed is also his? The dog -behaviour expert Graeme Hall — aka “The Dogfather ” — thinks British dog owners may have lost sight of who's in control. Hall has brought thousands of dogs &nbsp.

Hey Amazon: Don't encourage bad dog etiquette - ChicagoNow (blog)
By the way, this is the Japanese version of the commercial, by the way. The version airing in the United States is exactly the same except the text on the screen at the end is in English, rather than Japanese. Anyway, most of the commercial is pretty.

Paid pet bereavement leave should be more common - ChicagoNow (blog)
Example: Years ago, I went to work the day after a family dog died. And I was utterly useless. Beyond that, allowing employees to take time off after the death of a pet is very validating. Some would argue that there's no reason for this and that the.

Why I'm not a dog person - ChicagoNow (blog)
I mean, of course I'm a dog person, right? I've had dogs my whole life. I prefer the company of dogs to the company of people. I left a career in journalism to become a dog trainer . Hell, I run a blog dedicated (at least in part) to dogs. How could I.

Irresponsible dog owners could face prison
Mr Minors, a former dog warden and long-serving Bermuda Dog Training Club member known as 'The Dogfather', told this newspaper: “The dog jumped through the back window of the truck, jumped past my car and ran towards the two dogs on leashes.

Is this the UK's naughtiest dog? Hilarious moment an 11 stone Great Dane sends his owner tumbling after DRAGGING ... - Daily Mail
Cantering along at a speedy pace, she clings to the creature in front of her panting and puffing in order to keep up. Karli Weir from South Shields puffs and pants as she tries to keep the eleven stone beast under control - her family pet Rome, the.

The Dog Father: Meet the pooch coach who trained 4,300 dogs and a fox
But friends thought the “Dogfather” was going ... “So I gave them a set of training exercises so they’d be able to take him out happily on a lead. “Foxes are canines and, although they are very different to dogs, you can train them in the same.

All Police Shootings of Dogs Have Been Justified, Says Houston Police Department
But the 11 News I-Team found a trail of heartbroken dog-owners that stretches beyond city limits. A review of cases from across the Houston ... “We need to get those officers involved in some mandated training in how to defend before going to deadly.

Dog training and the importance of switching gears
One of the most important thing a dog trainer can do is plan. Whether it's a group class or a private lesson, you have to have a plan. Training requires a plan because it builds on itself and having a plan is helpful just to make sure you're doing certain.