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Fundraiser for Shelter Opens Detroit Public Pool to Pet Dogs - U.S. News & World Report
Dogs must be licensed and up-to-date on their shots. A $10 entry fee will support the Detroit Dog Rescue shelter, helping defray medical assistance costs, foster care , immunizations and other services. The pool closes on Labor Day for humans before&nbsp.

How a guide dog led a blind Hong Kong athlete to a better life
A blind athlete who once contemplated suicide because of his disability has completely transformed his life and receiving a guide dog contributed ... in the street approached to pet his dog and ask about her. Since birth, Gaga has been trained to respond.

Maryland Woman's 'House With a Heart' Gives Abused Senior Pets a Place to Retire in Love and Comfort -
Then, as the Polvinales grew older and their pace became a bit slower, they noticed something: Many of the dogs and cats they took in from shelters and the streets were older too, and harder to place in energetic homes with young families. So in 2006.

Humane Society Announces the 'Horrible 100' List of Worst Puppy Mill Offenders in the US -
Iowa. Bulldog had untreated eye problem; dead mice found floating in dogs ' drinking water. Repeat violation for puppies in need of veterinary care , including a skinny puppy with hair loss and a lethargic puppy who β€œcried out when she was touched.

Family dog dies of heat stroke at Florida doggy day care - WKBW-TV
If I had known another dog died there there is no way I would've put my dog in there,” Norton said. β€œWhy did no one see my dog ? If a dog is panting is anyone seeing her? Are there too many dogs ? Are there not enough people? They told me one person was&nbsp.

Owners of flat-faced dogs don't mind the snorting -
With their short muzzles and smaller upper jaws, flat-faced dogs β€” known as brachycephalic breeds, and including bulldogs, Boston terriers, pugs and French bulldogs β€” tend to have particular health issues, from breathing noisily to overheating and.

Mark Twain for dogs: Audiobooks to soothe your pets endorsed by Cesar Millan - SFGate
Audible Teams up with Cesar Millan to Launch Audible for Dogs Business Wire.

Do You Have a Disaster Plan for Your Dog?
This kit should include medical supplies, extra food and water, and anything else you may need to care for an injured dog. The AKC has a useful canine first aid kit guide to help you figure out what you will need, and you can add things as necessary.

Give the boy an A! One VERY excited dog can't wait to be picked up by the Doggie School Bus to be taken to daycare - Daily Mail
A video posted on Facebook shows the adorable moment a dog can't wait to go to school in Oregon. Rudy's owner says 'What's that? Is that your school bus?' and the pup loses his mind. He sprints from the backyard through the house, slipping on the wood&nbsp.

Happy Tails Pet Grooming Salon moves to larger facility - Goshen News
Latisnere, who has six dogs of her own, didn't set out to be a pet salon and day care owner. She worked in a factory for years; but when a workplace accident left her unable to walk for eight months, she needed a change. Around that time, her husband.

Service Dogs at Work - Harrisburgmagazine
Dogs are instinctually attuned to the needs of their humans. We humans turn to mush in their paws. The made-to-order dog -and-human match-up is as inevitable as chocolate and peanut butter, beer and bacon or mustard and – yes, we'll say it – hot dogs.