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How new breeds are chosen for this year's Westminster dog show -
quot;Hopefully by the midyear โ…›of 2017โ…œ, we'll be fully recognized," Collins said, who added that getting a Dogo Argentino to Westminster is a dream of hers. "It's just prestigious to be a part of that whole AKC community. To me, it just says we stand.

3 Things Gun Dog Breeders Want Buyers to Know Before Getting a Dogo Argentino - Newsmax
Dogos Argentinos , also known as Argentinian mastiffs, have built a reputation for being great pets at home and terrific companions for hunters. However, before purchasing one of these muscular yet gentle giants, gun dog breeders believe buyers should.

Gun Dog Breeders: 4 Puppy Tips to Get New Dogo Argentino Owners Started - Newsmax
Training a Dogo Argentino , also known as an Argentinian mastiff, begins as soon as you arrive home with your new dog . As owner, establish from the get-go your leadership over your dog , advised Michele Welton of If you don't show&nbsp.

Chicago, IL โ€“ Adopt Kobe the Well-Trained Dog-Friendly Dogo-Mix
Kobe is a well-trained, handsome, sweet, people and dog-friendly, six-year-old, 60 pound, Dogo Argentino-mix with cropped ears and ... Trainers at the Shedd use positive reinforcement training on dogs in the same manner as they use it with 1,600-pound.

What Dog Owners Should Know to Prepare for Hurricane Irma - American Kennel Club (blog)
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and in anticipation of Hurricane Irma hitting Florida and beyond, the AKC wants to make sure that both humans and animals are given the tools necessary to stay as safe as possible during natural disasters. Here is some&nbsp.

Dogs seen dragging tires on walks, owner says it is exercise
KATU) -- An exercise method involving dogs dragging tires was called into question by a passerby who sent a video of the training technique to the ... Jasmine and Sultan are both four-year-old Dogo Argentinos, a large, big-game, hunting breed.

Paige the jack russell keeps her 'menacing' status after killing chickens -
Paige is one of about 10,000 dogs in New Zealand classified as "menacing" under the Dog Control Act - meaning they must wear muzzles in public places. There are five breeds that automatically receive menacing dog status: brazilian fila, dogo argentino ,&nbsp.

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Sara Carson and her dog , Hero, have taken America by storm. The pair performed a "dogwatch" routine on Sept 5. and the next day found out that they were advancing to the finals of 'America's Got Talent.' In their routine, Sara and Hero played.

The dog breeds that are banned in the UK and why - BBC News
The other two illegal breeds, the Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero, both came from South America. They were bred to ... If you own a banned dog in the UK then the police can take it off you, even if it's well behaved and no-one's complained.

Dog Attends First College Class in Anticipation of Hurricane Irma - American Kennel Club (blog)
In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, Georgia Southern student Jessica Lewis was preparing to leave campus and head home to Atlanta. She had one class left for the day and then she was ready to leave, reports Mashable. But Lewis didn't know what to do&nbsp.

Colorado Elementary School Students Train Service Dog For Local Veteran in Need - American Kennel Club (blog)
Five students from Summit Elementary School realized that there were veterans in their community who could benefit from having a service dog . They then decided to start training the dogs themselves, KKTV reports. "We recognize a large number of.