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Online group campaigns against shock collars used on Nova Scotia dogs
The association supports positive reinforcement training techniques and strongly discourages ... β€œThey do hurt the dogs,” he said. β€œThe e-collars deliver an electric shock. I just think as a society, we should be way beyond that now.”.

Dog collar thieves sought - The Barrie Examiner
Police are looking for three people they believe stole electric dog- training collars from Cabela's store on Aug. 2. On video surveillance, a woman was observed concealing eight electric dog collars under her shirt with the assistance of two men.

Wackiest innovations at IFA - The Peninsula Qatar
A dog's life: A small device that attaches to a canine companion's collar offers training tips, based on readings of his vital signs and movements. And with a GPS chip on board, there's no chance of Rover roving too far. Jagger & Lewis, from €99 ($117.

Sonoma County dog owners vouch for 'rattlesnake training' - Petaluma Argus Courier
But the moment the brown and white dog dipped its nose in the snake's direction, handlers transmitted a mild electronic pulse through its collar and pulled it away from would-be peril. Within moments, another invitation to walk by the snake prompted.

Dogs Hate Their Owners More Often Than You Think - Patch.com
For example, a Brittany intended for hunting was constantly being trained by his owner using an electric shock collar . One day, the dog hid from him and lay quaking under the bed. When the man tried to drag him out, the dog bit him. ... It's another.

Fencing Fido - The Laconia Daily Sun
Newbold Le Roy is a fan of the invisible barrier that keeps his dog , a 95-pound Slovac Cuvac, in his Laconia yard. Not everyone trusts the technology, as some dogs will charge right past the boundary despite an electric shock. (Adam Drapcho/Laconia.

Daughter of woman killed by adopted pit bull files suit against Virginia Beach rescue center for $5 million - Southside Daily
The dog , a one-year-old American pit bull terrier named Blue, was adopted out by the facility on May 31 to Patterson, just hours before the fatal attack. The dog was outfitted with an electronic collar so that his new owner could continue using.

Regulation aimed at recent advances in hunting aids - Scranton Times-Tribune
Electronic sound-amplification devices that are incorporated into hearing protection devices and completely contained in or on the ear. β€’ Electronic devices used for locating dogs while training or hunting, including devices such as e- collars , radio.

Conan comedian dons dog collar, lets audience shock him for bad jokes - EW.com
Abramson said that he was trying to learn which of his new jokes would work, so he was going to take a page from canine training and wear his dog's electric collar , giving the remote to a member of the audience and asking her to shock him if she didn't&nbsp.

Wearable Electronics Market Competitive Intelligence & Recommendation 2014-2020
Increasing user-friendliness of electronic wearable gadgets is another factor supporting ... The products are further segmented as watches, bands, goggles, ties, collars, lenses, headsets, and head band. Based on the component, the market is segmented.

15 Vital Safety Tips for Training Dogs with Shock Collars - Top Dog Tips (press release) (blog)
An electronic dog collar is a dog training device, also known as dog shock collar, that delivers a small electric shock when the trainer presses a button on a remote control. It is a controversial training method that draws a lot of debates between pet.

Are shock collars humane? - Southwest Journal
In general, I believe that electric fence shock collars and bark collars that deliver a shock are a humane form of training . With these collars , the dog has control over whether or not they receive a shock. Once the dog has figured out that if they get.

7 Most Popular Dog Training Methods - DogTime
Electronic training relies on the use of an electric collar that delivers a shock or a spray of citronella when a dog is not performing a desired task. It's mostly used for training at a distance when a leash can't be used. For example, shock collars.

The wackiest innovations at Berlin's IFA 2017 - ETtech.com
A dog's life. A small device that attaches to a canine companion's collar offers training tips, based on readings of his vital signs and movements. And with a GPS chip on board, there's no chance of Rover roving too far. Jagger & Lewis, from 99 euros.

Photos: Today in History, September 7 - The Westerly Sun
Dorothy Harrison Eustis, dog breeder and founder of The Seeing Eye, poses with Parole and Nancy, two dogs trained at the school to lead blind people, in New Jersey on Sept. 7, 1933. ... Floyd Patterson works out on a punching bag as Muhammad Ali peeks.