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Key witness was high on ice as murder victim Shaun Barker was tortured and 'had honey poured on his genitals to ... - Daily Mail
The Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday heard that witness Kane Ostwald was with the men when they realised Mr Barker had died in the esky , but later admitted he was using ice daily at the time. 'As time went by, I became paranoid and would lie to&nbsp.

Shock Collar For Your Dog: Proper Placement - ChicagoNow (blog)
Today is all about how to put the shock collar on the dog . If it is too loose, or positioned ... Aside, I had a reader complain about my choice in constantly calling these training devices "shock collars". His (valid) point was that that is.

Female police officer denies having sex with a murder suspect after accessing confidential computer files about him - Daily Mail
A female police officer accused of improperly accessing and leaking confidential files to a 'friend' suspected of murder has been asked if she had a sexual relationship with him or his lawyer. Senior Constable Tanya Prescott, from the Gold Coast, was&nbsp.

What really killed the auto industry
Alan Kohler is editor in chief of Business Spectator and Eureka Report, as well as finance presenter on ABC News. View his full profile here.

Don't forget the dog
The free quarterly Sydney pet magazine Urban Animal reviews pet-friendly ... Several dog bowls of varying sizes are supplied, along with a big box of balls and dog toys. Lewis also provides a tag to put on your dog's collar, which has Gidget's phone.

2016 IN REVIEW: Fire to flood, it was a busy start to 2016 - Bundaberg News Mail
A 58-YEAR-OLD Bundaberg police officer was seriously assaulted at the Bargara Hotel and required surgery on a broken tibia and fibula. His accused attacker was charged with two counts of assault or obstruct a police officer within or in vicinity of a.

Is this the coolest cooler in Australia? Summer at the beach is about to get a lot more fun with esky that doubles up as a beach cricket set
Take one of the nation's most beloved summer pastimes - backyard cricket and if you mix it with one of the countries most used outdoor items, an esky and ta da... it's the Cricket Cooler. And it's not just ANY cooler and stump set, it's equip with cup.

The coolest cooler ever: Ice box contains all the ingredients for a party - including a fridge, a USB charger and ... - Daily Mail
Cooler, ice box, cool box: Whatever you call it, this mainstay of picnics around the globe has barely been innovated upon for several decades. Not any more, though - Oregon-based Ryan Grepper has unveiled his innovative 'Coolest' device that has a host.

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