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Well, if you end up falling in love with the kitten , you're covered: Hope to Home Rescue will be present at this Cat Show with cats available for adoption. The event is a 15-minute walk from the Arcadia Station on the Metro Gold Line. And there is free.

New Scientific Evidence Adds to the Debate About Cat Declawing - Catster
Several years ago, the American Association of Feline Practitioners took a stand against this practice. However, according to Dr. Jennifer Conrad, who has a special interest in exotic animals (especially large cats), at least some veterinarians do.

Americans just spent $60.59 billion on pets. A by-the-numbers look at our obsession:
The Cat Fanciers' Assn. reports that the exotic breed (a.k.a. the exotic shorthair, a short-haired version of the ... Animal Services and the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control took custody of a combined 32,444 cats and 48,225 dogs.

Five of the best cat breeds for families
They are long-haired, so require grooming. While the Persian cat belongs here right beside the Exotic Shorthair in terms of temperament, the Exotic Shorthair wins out because of its comparatively low-care coat. They're the short-haired version of the.

The most and least expensive cat breeds in the world - AOL News
If you're thinking about becoming a cat owner, it pays to do your research. Not only do different cat breeds possess distinct personalities, but the prices also vary widely, and you might not be able to afford the breed you've had your eye on. To help.

Breeding and buying flat-faced cats: think twice - INFORUM
Dear readers: Flat-faced cats, like Persians and exotic shorthairs , are rising in popularity, as are flat-faced dogs such as Boston terriers and pugs. This condition, called brachycephaly, can mean a life of suffering from restricted airways, partial.

Pet psychics, kissing bulldogs, exotic lizards: Welcome to Pet Expo
SANDY — Patty Rayman let the small black-and-white domestic shorthair snuggle close to ... dog jewelry, exotic animals, salt-water aquariums, rare dog breeds, hairless cats and beta fighting fish. Kids rode ponies while rescue dogs performed in front.

Health fears grow over fashionable 'grumpy' flat-faced cats - Telegraph.co.uk
First it was dogs, now its flat faced cats who are paying the price of being in fashion. Persians, British and Exotic Shorthair cats are increasingly suffering from health problems because their characteristic shortened muzzle features have become more.

Cat people from all over the country come to see the different breeds of cats, exotic and otherwise ... with wrinkles and no hair), the Brazilian shorthair (from South America), Munchkin (with short legs like a dachshund), a Siberian (from Russia.

Flat faced cats paying the price - Vet Practice magazine
There is mounting evidence to show that flat faced cats have serious health issues according to International Cat Care (ICC). Earlier this year, Vet Practice posted a news story reporting on the issue of ... Flat faced cats such as Persians or exotic.

What Causes Cat Sneezing? - Catster
Any kind of particulate or vapor that can find its way into a cat or kitten's nose can cause cat sneezing. Cats with flat faces or shorter muzzles, such as the Bombay, Himalayan, Persian, Selkirk Rex, Scottish Fold, and the American, British, and.

Meet exotic shorthair Puff: Cleveland Cutest Cat finalist (video, photos, poll)
PEPPER PIKE, Ohio - Like many children whose parents invest in all kinds of expensive toys, only to have the kid play with the box, Puff -- a finalist in cleveland.com's Cutest Cat contest ... had been searching for an exotic shorthair to adopt for.

Can China Become Top Dog in Pet Ownership? - CKGSB Knowledge
When a three-month-old Exotic Shorthair cat first came to Tang Yahan's apartment, the 24-year-old treated the kitten with Royal Canin pet food and named him Datou (meaning big head in Chinese), and, of course, prepared everything a cat might need in.

Cats make you crazy
You LOL at Grump Cat, hit the cat cafe for ... beyond our borders to bring in “more exotic” breeds. It’s not uncommon to come across a Persian, a chinchilla, a Maine coon or an American or British shorthair. We have “ragdolls” and Bengals.