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Buttery perfume deters mosquitoes by overloading their sense of smell - Discover Magazine (blog)
There's no denying DEET's effectiveness – it works by blocking proteins that insects use to smell their food . But it is also very expensive, it could have negative side effects on our nervous system, and it can melt plastics. To top it off, some.

Vitiligo Diet – What Is It And How Does It Help Treat Vitiligo?
Make sure a major bulk of your diet consists of these vegetables, as long as you do not find it difficult to digest them. Protein – In case you yearn for animal products, opt for chicken breast, lean cuts of turkey, wild fish, and organic eggs.

The new Sicily: DPI heat maps used to produce quality blood oranges in Australia - FOOD Magazine - Australia
The Italian influences on Australia's eating habits have become so ingrained in our diets that we forget where they started. There have of course been positive impacts felt elsewhere throughout the country since our European football-lovers began.

Review: Lisa Lampanelli hilarious at The Paramount, debuts Trump jokes - Digital Journal (press release)
She has battled with her weight for over 30 years, and noted that such diet programs as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem were of no help to her; moreover, she made fun of their spokespeople, which included Oprah and Marie Osmond.

Asahi releases Mist Wood Gin - FOOD Magazine - Australia
With four varieties available – Apple, Orange and Bitters, Grapefruit and Lime, and Elderflower and Lime, each blend combines contemporary flavours that result in what the company called β€œa sophisticated ready-to-drink beverage.” The Mist Wood Gin.

A complete list of objects that Apple Photos can recognize - Business Insider
This fall, Apple's Photos app will add a feature that reveals the company's increasing expertise in computer vision technology. Apple Photos will be able to sort your snapshots by face, activity, and even the facial expression you or your friends might.

Nudie bares all about new beverage ranges - FOOD Magazine - Australia
The five flavours which make up this new range are cranberry and apple with aloe vera; grapefruit with gingko biloba; lemon and apple with guarana; cranberry, apple and lemon with echinacea; and cranberry and raspberry with rosehip. ... not something.

Search for seemingly anything in Photos for iOS and Mac thanks to Apple's object recognition - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)
Eagles, Earmuffs, Earmuff, Earmuffs, Easel, Easels, Mount, Mounts, Easter Egg , Easter Eggs , Edamame, Egg , Eggs , Eggplant, Aubergine, Aubergines, Brinjal, Brinjals, Eggplants, Electric Fan, Electric Fans, Elephant, Elephants, Elevator, Elevators.

Finding Happiness the Natural Way - Natural News.com
Eating raw, organic cheeses, yogurt, and egg yolks would also be a good move if you're an omnivore or a lacto-ovo vegetarian. 2. .... Kiwi, tomatoes, apples, cacao, figs, grapefruit , bananas, blackberries, dates, strawberries, avocado, winter and.

10 of the Best Fat-Burning Foods
You don’t have to adhere to the stringent grapefruit diet to reap ... get plenty of satisfying protein in your diet. This is good for two reasons. Livestrong said increasing your protein consumption with eggs helps raise your metabolism and also forces.

All our food is 'genetically modified' in some way – where do you draw the line? - FOOD Magazine - Australia
In the past week you've probably eaten crops that wouldn't exist in nature, or that have evolved extra genes to reach freakish sizes. You've probably eaten β€œcloned” food and you may have even eaten plants whose ancestors were once deliberately blasted&nbsp.

Dr Tim's Traditional Ale - FOOD Magazine - Australia
Coopers Brewery is celebrating the 60th birthday of its Managing Director and Chief Brewer, Dr Tim Cooper, by releasing limited edition 440ml cans of his eponymous beer, Dr Tim's Traditional Ale. Dr Cooper turned 60 in June and to help celebrate the&nbsp.

How 'ugly' fruit and vegetables can help solve world hunger - The World Weekly
Tall and blond, with a posh English accent, he launches into his ten-second spiel: β€œI run an organization that campaigns against food waste, and I'm pulling together a feast tomorrow made with food that won't be sold or donated to charity. Do you have.

Crohn's disease and Colitis: Major study could reveal what triggers painful flare-ups - Express.co.uk
constipation, abdominal cramps and pain, fever, fatigue and weight loss. Researchers want to find the everyday factors that influence flare-ups of Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, and investigate how changes in diet and lifestyle might help.

Margaret Thatcher's victory diet: 28 eggs a week
and turned to the Mayo Clinic Diet. For breakfast she would have an egg or two, grapefruit and black coffee or tea. There were more eggs for lunch, with tomato or spinach, and steak or salad for dinner. Chris Collins, the only historian to have studied the.