Fisher Parrot Breeding Tips For Dachshunds


Parrotfish sleep in a mosquito net made of mucus - Discover Magazine (blog)
It's time for bed, and what better way to ensure a comfortable sleep than snuggling into a cocoon of your own mucus? Humans could probably think of some alternatives, but for many coral reef fish, mucus sleeping bags are all part of a good night's rest.

Polish dog owners celebrate their love for Dachshunds in bizarre fancy dress parade
The handicapped dog, who appeared to have three legs, walked with a prosthesis in the form of a wheeled contraption through the streets of Krakow in Poland for the annual Dachshund Parade ... the Poland's love for the breed and is now its eighteenth.

Not a hug hormone – fish version of oxytocin acts as social spotlight - Discover Magazine (blog)
When he injected them with isotocin – the fish version of oxytocin – he found that they became more responsive to social information . They were more sensitive to an opponent's size before a fight, and they ... Octopuses have their own version, as do.

Bird of paradise creates colourful dance with microscopic mirrors in its feathers - Discover Magazine (blog)
In a small forest clearing in Papua New Guinea, a male six-wired bird of paradise is getting ready for a show-stopping number. He rears up and spreads his wings so that they encircle his body like a ballerina's skirt. He begins to dance, bobbing from.

'Bird mimic' dinosaur hints that wings evolved for show not flight - Discover Magazine (blog)
It certainly looks like we're living in the golden age of feathered dinosaur discovery. Since 1996, more than 30 plumed species have been identified, including giant tyrants, glossy four-winged gliders, and even (stretching the imagination a bit) a.

Cuttlefish woos female and dupes male with split-personality skin - Discover Magazine (blog)
A canny diver can see through the male's subterfuge because males have longer arms than females, and one of their arms has a modified tip for dispensing sperm. Why the cuttlefish can't do the same is another matter.) Sometimes, the ruse works. On at.

One generation, new species – all-female lizard bred in a lab - Discover Magazine (blog)
In a lab in Kansas, Aracely Lutes has created a new species of all-female lizard that reproduces by cloning itself. There wasn't any genetic engineering involved; Lutes did it with just a single round of breeding . This feat stands in stark contrast to.

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher - review
Carrie Fisher is, as she puts it, the product of Hollywood in-breeding – the daughter of Debbie Reynolds ... "to my mother Vladimir or Jean-Jacques.") Debbie is a game old bird – still performing at 78. Eddie Fisher said in his autobiography that.

Celebs and Their Pets - ABC News
You have NO respect or knowledge of dachshunds ...they are the BEST breed EVER. YOU have ZERO clue about what a fabulous ... I like dachshunds (I love all dogs really) but they are a bit tougher to handle. My good friend had multiple. They are similar.

To discover the point of sleep, scientists breed flies that nod off on demand - Discover Magazine (blog)
According to a couple of popular hypothesis, sleep gives the brain time to replay the events of the day before, integrating new pieces of information with old ones, and producing better long-term memories. The sleeping brain also has a chance to prune.

Cross-breeding restores sight to blind cavefish - Discover Magazine (blog)
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