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'There's a slight smell of wet dog in the arena': 11 funniest Graham Norton quotes from Eurovision -
Since taking over from Terry Wogan in 2009, Graham Norton's dry delivery and teasing disrespect of Eurovision's more preposterous entrants has won him a place in the nation's hearts. As he prepares for tonight's contest, we recall some of his greatest.

ARL Employee Traveling to Beirut to Train UN Bomb Dogs -
McAuliffe, formerly a dog trainer for the Australian military, will be going to Lebanon's capital to train United Nations bomb detection dogs and their handlers. McAuliffe says he's focused on the mental well-being of these animals, as even dogs can.

From Shane Warne to Mike Tyson, the best sports quotes of 2013
SHANE WARNE hits out at Cricket Australia's top dogs. "I was afraid my brain was going to melt ... "It just shows how effective our training is. He trained here once and is signed by PSG." - Arsenal boss ARSENE WENGER following David Beckham's move to.

Freedom Service Dogs of America treasures its volunteers - FOX31 Denver
He's been volunteering his time at Freedom Service Dogs of America for more than 10 years. More than 500 people volunteer at Freedom Service Dogs but fewer than 50 are a rare breed. They take dogs in training into their own homes to be foster volunteers.

The pampered dog world of the 'fur baby' - The Sydney Morning Herald
Blame Bruiser. The canine star of Legally Blonde wasn't the first hound to be outrageously pampered – the tradition of lap dogs , tiny breeds cosseted by kings, emperors and their consorts – goes back at least 600 years. But the sight of Reese.

Every dog can have his day in a box -
But at an obedience class in Fife, they put dogs in boxes...small boxes! It's the great box challenge at Paws-Abilities Dog Training . Instructor Dana Babb says the rules are simple...the dog must recline on its own in the box or placing.

Meet the Bomb-Sniffing Dog Fired by the CIA
Lulu was training to be a bomb ... With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein's talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings! Zoo Elephants Enjoy.

Gerard Butler Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets
we were both training for the same game and I'm thinking, 'Will Ferrell playing soccer... This is funny!' He's good... He was solid, he didn't stop, he ran around like a dog, he got the ball." Actor Gerard Butler was impressed with Will Ferrell's soccer.

The alternative 2016 sports awards: the year's best quotes, gaffes and meltdowns - The Guardian
Last month they were named RTÉ Sport Team of the Year, starred in a new documentary Pull Like a Dog , were interviewed for Graham Norton's New Year's Eve BBC1 show, and named as Britain's most Googled Irish-related search term in the whole of 2016.

Florida deputy is fired for waving guns around while quoting lines from Denzel Washington's character in Training Day - Daily Mail
A Florida sheriff's deputy was sacked after officials say he waved his firearm and stun gun in the air while quoting lines from Denzel Washington's character in Training Day, a movie about a corrupt law enforcement officer. Lake County Deputy Dean.

Guide-dog training: Dozens of dogs fill Newark airport terminal - USA TODAY
Travelers who flew through Newark Liberty International Airport this past Saturday could be forgiven for thinking the facility had gone to the dogs . Nearly 100 dogs – 89, to be exact – were brought to the airport's Terminal C as part of their training.

Delta passenger bitten by emotional support dog couldn't escape, says attorney - Atlanta Journal Constitution
“It is troubling that an airline would allow a dog of such substantial size to ride in a passenger's lap without a muzzle,” Massey said in a written statement. “Especially considering the dog and its owner were assigned a middle seat despite Delta Air.

30 of Muhammad Ali's best quotes - USA TODAY
The 30 best quotes Muhammad Ali, the original trash talking, self-aggrandizing motormouth of sport Daily Mail.

The Week in Quotes
It was kind of funny at first, but after a while, I started getting a little nervous and scared out there." --Rockies pitcher Darren Oliver, who was chased off the field by bees during a spring training ... is an editor of Baseball Prospectus.

TSA wants you to adopt puppies who failed their training program - AOL
If the Transportation Security Administration is in the news, it's probably due to new regulations or an incident. In this case, though, it's a call to help. Once in awhile, the TSA announces that puppies who failed their training (as well as retired.