Grooming A Siamese Cat


How to Groom a Siamese Cat
Siamese cats have it all: gorgeous good looks and low-maintenance grooming requirements. They're a breed that can be relied upon to groom themselves. However, any cat with fur, even the silky, short coat of a Siamese, will shed. Weekly grooming will.

When Cat Meowing Indicates a Medical Problem
Some cats, notably Siamese, meow more than others," says Dr. Jeff Levy ... want to be left alone might be telling you something's off. "If you see changes in grooming or interaction with you and other pets in the house, then the meowing changes might.

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Xander is a gorgeous blue eyed boy. He is a Siamese/Himalayan long-haired cat who will need regular grooming. Xander was found astray on July 10 and has not been claimed. He is friendly with other cats and humans of all ages. Xander is the perfect.

Pet for Christmas? The 23 Cat Breeds That Shed the Most
These strong cats have short coats that come in several colors such as brown, lilac, and fawn, and have minimal grooming requirements. A blend of the siamese and Burmese, tonkinese cats are friendly and warm. These plush felines have fur that comes in.