Guide Dog Owner Training


New homes needed for guide dog mums - Rugby Observer (press release) (blog)
The guide dog mums live as pets and also give birth to their litters in the home. The puppies spend their first six weeks there before going to the centre for training . Owners have access to 24 hour support and advice from staff at the Leamington-based.

Tips for Picking Your Next Hunting Dog
Watching a well-trained dog retrieve over and over again is an impressive spectacle. We wanted to know more about how to select a puppy intended for hunting, so we contacted Seth Simpson, owner of Gem ... a waterfowl hunter and guide, I would look for.

Reader Letter: Mind your manners around guide dogs - Windsor Star
Guide dogs are highly trained animals that help provide mobility, safety and increased independence for people with sight loss. They assist their handlers in navigating obstacles typically found on most daily routes, including curbs, steps and crowds.

Dr. DeWitt Trains New Guide Dog Puppy - The Picket
She will keep Vosco, as she did Luther, for a year. The dogs then go for a year-long training with the guide dogs program. Then, they are ready for their future owner . Luther went to a blind college student in Arkansas. DeWitt knew that Luther and the.

What the rabbi learned from his dogs - Jewish Chronicle
She was to be no ordinary new immigrant; she was a puppy en route to Beit Oved, where Israel's outstanding guide - dog training centre was established in 1991. When my publisher suggested I wrote about dogs, I wanted to express not just my personal.

Owner coaxes older dog out of retirement; he saves a life, wins a 'Hero Award' - Fort Worth Star Telegram
It wasn't new tricks that landed 12-year-old Luca, a retired Search-and-Rescue German Shepherd, on the nationally-televised “American Humane Hero Dogs Awards” show scheduled for Oct 26. ... name in the hat for the Hallmark Channel's annual event, in.

USF St. Petersburg Puppy Club students are training dogs for veterans and the visually-impaired - ABC Action News
The University of South Florida, St. Petersburg (USFSP), Puppy Club students created "Puppy Love," an organization that raises guide dogs for the Living, Learning Community. Puppy Club ... The goal is for the puppies to transform the lives of its new.

Guide dog is 'priceless' to Regina man - Regina Leader-Post
He's trained Danson to learn additional commands, such as leading him directly to a door with a card reader. ... In one instance, a Regina restaurant owner refused to allow the dog in despite Noyes showing him documentation that Danson is a guide dog.

Meet Devon's newest guide dog puppy and find out what top tips and tricks go into her training - Devon Live
A big part of a guide dog puppy's initial training is socialisation, new experiences and – the main one for any dog owner – house training . Penny's tactic is to put the puppy out every half an hour to begin with, and then increase it to every 45.

Guide dogs practice navigating an airplane in mock flight
Guide dogs in training got a unique opportunity Wednesday. On a mock flight to Hawaii, 18 puppies practiced getting seated, heard announcements, checked out the restroom, and even participated in an emergency evacuation. They're training to one day help.