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Nearly 1000 Small Animals Rescued From Sweltering Truck -
Responding to calls June 19 about the smell of “something dead” inside a parked truck trailer, officers from Fresno Humane Animal Services (FHAS) in California were shocked by what they found inside it. Hundreds of ducklings, chicks, parakeets, guinea.

Second City Joins Research Venture With U. of C.'s Booth Business School - DNAinfo
He said he was not concerned about Second City serving as a guinea pig . "We're actually studying improvisation more than comedy," he said. "The improvisation produces comedy, but the improvisation is more about the human-to-human interaction.&quot.

How these animals bite 700 times faster than you can blink
They were describing this crazy defensive behavior . . . and I couldn't believe that it was ... The bites of those ants rank among the fastest animal movements in the world. That said, a Myrmoteras' entire strike takes just about half a millisecond.

Scientists: Maybe Yawning Isn't Contagious After All - Mental Floss
The report was published in the journal Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology. Anecdotal evidence—that is, our ... They recruited 79 college students—psychologists' favorite guinea pigs —and broke them into small groups. Each group sat around a.

Here Are the Legal Loopholes That Allow Farmed Animals to Be Abused and Killed
From overcrowded sheds to isolating crates, confinement systems deprive animals of natural conditions and behaviors. In the worst of these ... gestation crates for mother pigs, and veal crates for calves. Similar ballot measures have passed in California.

Permitted pets and loose lions - Royal Purple News
A select few would tell you the other two are crazy , and that owning a kangaroo is the way to go. The interesting part—all three are legal to ... It is legal to to own a dog, house cat, pot-bellied pig or non-dangerous small animals such as guinea.

Welcome to Pleistocene Park - The Atlantic
It will sound crazy at first, several of them told me. “But then you go away and you think,” ... Many behaviors that distinguish us from other species emerged during that 2.6-million-year epoch, when glaciers pulsed down from the North Pole at regular.

LA County Fair 2017: Miniature horses, pigs among new stars at fair
A person with some land can be involved in farming, to an extent, with the help of these animals, he said. The animals in The Little Red Barn range from miniature horses to micro pigs. Among them ... time at Mojo’s Wild and Crazy Lagoon.

Gang of Baby Animals Looks Suspiciously Like Cast of a Disney Fairy Tale - Sputnik International
An adorable array comprised of a shy fawn, two baby skunks, two young raccoons and four kittens, captured in this video, has won hearts all over the world. The 35-seconds of footage published on June 12 by the Hochatown Petting Zoo has gone viral, with&nbsp.

12 Ridiculously Adorable Animal Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP - Reader's Digest
Ralph the corgi resides in Northern California and shares his crazy adventures with his brother, George, on Instagram. Ralph and George love going on long ... Esther truly is a wonder pig. She even has her own book. Read her story about how her owners.

Why Fostering Dogs and Cats is So Important and How You Can Get Involved! - One Green Planet
Even when shelters make every effort possible to keep animals comfortable and happy, the environment can still be scary and overwhelming for some, causing them to “shut down” emotionally or display destructive behaviors due to stress. When this happens&nbsp.

Are Cats Domesticated? - The New Yorker
In other cases, hunger draws a wild animal —dogs, chickens, guinea pigs , cats—to human society, where it becomes increasingly tolerant of people. Even a single domestic lineage can contain varying degrees of dependency and a range of temperaments.

Octopuses Do Something Really Strange to Their Genes - The Atlantic
Octopuses and squids can rewrite their RNA. Is that why they're so smart? Washington Post.